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[EU] [Hazak/Dominion] Auva: Hardcore raiding, semi-hardcore schedule

AuvaAuva Member Posts: 21

Auva is a Wildstar raiding guild, freshly created for Wildstar. It was started in April 2014 by two veteran MMORPG players who both think that Wildstar is going to provide players with a great raiding experience as (for instance) WoW once used to do. Experience has taught us that 20 and 40 man raids can be messy if not organised properly, so we intend to do it right and make the most of our raid time.

We are therefore looking for skilled and preferably veteran players who intend to pick up Wildstar to build up our team.

Our aim is to raid 20 and eventually 40 man content three times a week for 4 hours a night. This will be on Sunday/Wednesday/Thursday night (from 19:00 to 23:00 CET+1). To ensure that we clear the most content within this time we are looking for players who know their stuff and who take pleasure in clearing (raiding) content.

What we offer you:

- A structured raiding environment in which to pick up progress-focused raiding with other skilled players. Together we will work towards the shared goal: clearing content together.

- Good raid leadership. Raid leaders with experience who know how to structure their raids and know how to work with people.

- An active guild environment. Raiding is the main goal.But we want to offer people a chance to experience other content with guildies. We recruit likeminded individuals who are in it for the long haul. We want to build a strong team of people who know each other.

- A challenging environment in which you can keep developing yourself. We intend to drive for the best results within our timeslot. So we expect our members to invest time in their character and knowledge of their class. This knowledge is shared within the guild, so people can learn from each other as well as from their own performance.

What we expect:

- You are level 50, preferably geared for dungeons

- You can show up on every wed/thu/sun night for the foreseeable future

- You are a skilled (and preferably experienced) raider.  

- You enjoy pushing the envelope, not only by yourself, but with a group.

- You are a player who doesn’t mind investing some extra time outside the raids in your character or your knowledge of your character.

- You like playing in a consistent group of raiders and are willing to be a real part of that group.

Think you’ve got what it takes to join Auva? Then head over to our recruitment page and fill in an application form.


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