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If your thinking of playing fallen earth dont....

CDXXXCDXXX Member Posts: 4

The game is fun enough I suppose..

But the community is utter shit and the gms are more biased then I have ever seen in any game they ban whole guilds on a whim . Certain players constantly threaten they will get you banned from pure assumptions . If your decent at video games and you come in and dominate some "veteran players" gl you will probably be banned soon after . Most the kids that play are closet cheaters themselves using cheat engine and aimbot programs . That being said if you beat them and they are cheating you must be cheating..... And they will get you banned . I never cheated at all period but was banned for the reason 3rd party programs , hacking , and cheating. When disputed they changed there reasoning to inappropriate behavior because they couldn't prove I was or wasn't cheating they literally just got enough complaints from their low skill community and figured lets just ban this guy without proper reasoning or investigation.

This is just a friendly warning about this game play it if you like but don't be above average at it because they will ban your ass and not give two fucks if you legit.

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