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If Archeage went open beta on July 5th...

FoobarxFoobarx Member Posts: 451

If Archeage went open beta on July 5th... how many people you think would sub to Wildstar?  I think ESO got robbed of a portion of it's earnings because of the timing of Wildstar.  It was a given people would leave ESO once the free 30 days were up  but might have remained subbed until something new came out.  If the same thing were to happen to Wildstar, would they fair any better?


I personally think not.  Especially if the opposition is F2P.  I think the one thing Wildstar has going for it right now is, 1) the 30 days aren't up yet, and 2) there is no direct competition due out (WoD is the closest at probably September).  If Archeage were to move up its time table, Wildstar would lose a lot of that "free money" that ESO would have gotten had it not been for Wildstar.


We need a true duel... a release at the same exact time.  It's always been staggered... for obvious reasons.  But has any MMO really ever been tested in so many years?  We all compare them to what was or what will be but not really to what is because there usually is only one "is" at the time.

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