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Character Guide Needed

cheukyincheukyin Member Posts: 12

I just start to play this game, and I am so lost.

Could someone please point me to a guide that explain differeent Job (Fighter, miner, etc), which race and stats is good for such job.


P.S I have only played an hour..and the game is so good.



  • leipurileipuri Member Posts: 559
    Go for low as possible charisma and balances all other stats. Though would recoment highest perception and int then mem and will. Pick custom and these that gives you frigate skills and you will end up your frigate skill at level 4 at start and about 100k SP. Dont remember exactly what you had to pick, but you see the skills each choice gives you.
  • NFWolfDudeNFWolfDude Member Posts: 304

    I'll disagree with that, it used to be true, but, charisma has become important, especially when it comes to trading skills. I would balance your stats across the board. You can raise your attributes by training and "tweak" that way as you need, but don't nerf yourself in trading, it's where a good chunk of money comes from, even if it's just selling dropped items.

    As for a "guide". The few I have seen are seriously out of date...pre-exodus.


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