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[Couerl][FC] The Stryker Company [TSC] now recruiting able adventurers

TSC is a small but active group of players recruiting mature adventurers of any skill level to join us as we expand our burgeoning Free Company on the Couerl server. All classes and levels are encouraged to join. We offer the following:

  • A fun and engaging atmosphere with players who play casually but take our gaming seriously
  • New player friendly. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer.
  • Active member base. Almost daily dungeons, raids, and guildhests.
  • Exclusive forum access for all member discussions
  • Facebook group
  • Rank 4 amenities

Are you looking to be an active valued member of a growing Free company? Are you sick of the bloated, faceless, and boring mega-FCs who do nothing but swell their member roles while offering nothing in return? Are you a new member looking to learn the ropes alongside other friendly adventurers? Then look no further then The Stryker Company, the premiere friendly FC of the Couerl server. Talk to one of our officers (Maes Stryker, Edrik Wolf, or Jael Delphinium) by sending a /tell today to see if we are the FC for you!

Maes Stryker CEO The Stryker Company

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