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PENTEX | Dominion | PVE | Social | Raiding - MIKROS server

KhurgKhurg Member UncommonPosts: 45

Pentex has just opened a new branch on Nexus and we need you! Our goal is World Domination by building the best raid team on Nexus. But if you are interested in other stuff we can always use more cannon fodder :)


Leaders - Khurg/Mockmaw/Xiandria

Timezone: EST

Voice: Ventrilo

Focus: Raiding/Casual

Type: HC/CA

Recruitment: All mature, active, drama free players

Raid Times/Days - not set yet - likely to be 2-3 days per week for 3 hrs

Our raid team will be a well run machine with talent rising to the top - dedicated and committed players only please

We have lots of room for casual players

We plan for a 2nd casual raid team and PvP teams if someone steps up to run it

Please leave me a private message or contact one of us in game

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