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[LFM][FC] [C] Knights of Memory Social FC [Midgardsormr]

AywrenAywren Istaria CorrespondentMember UncommonPosts: 71

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Because the person is more important than the numbers!


Knights of Memory of Midgardsormr is a young, Rank 8 FC that is looking for more folks to grow along with us. We’re a casual, social FC that welcomes new and experienced players who are looking for a mature, no-drama group to enjoy Eorzea with.

We’re currently happy to do any story and end-game content. However, our focus isn’t on raiding (we may get to that in time), so if you’re seeking a static or Coil runs, we’re probably not a good fit for you. 


  • Mostly US based, but open to all
  • Mostly EST and Central time zones

What We Offer

  • Rank 8 with daily buffs
  • FC House (Waiting for that personal FC housing room and chocobo raising!)
  • Priority Days, sometimes events (guild gatherings and raffles, etc.)
  • FC website
  • Players willing to teach and help with content
  • Good company for those long DPS queues
  • Laid-back atmosphere where you can enjoy the game with no pressure to rush through content (unless you enjoy that, in which case, go for it!)
  • We understand that real life comes first!

What We Ask

  • Be respectful to other players, both within and outside of the FC.
  • Keep guild chat PG13 as much as possible.
  • Be willing to help, teach or learn, depending on the situation.

tl;dr: Life’s too short, so have fun and play nice. :)


Feel free to contact me (Zuri Nimat) anytime. I’m generally in game later in the afternoon, due to work. But I will check for messages here and respond to them. Also, post here if you wish and I’ll reply! It’s never a bother.

If you can’t find me, you can also contact Eydis Loi, Zaknafien Sellecere or any of our many Commanders. We’re all happy to help!

Want to Join?

Contact Zuri Nimat, Eydis Loi, Zaknafien Sellecere or any of our many Commanders in game and we’d be happy to send an invite.

You can also send an application in game to <Guard>, or apply on our website. Just make sure you use your character’s name on the website application, so we can find you in game for the invite!

Thanks for checking us out! 

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