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Welcome to Nexus and the Mikros server my fellow travelers!

I am here to let you know about a fresh, up and coming Dominion Wildstar guild that wants YOU!



Our Play style:



-Everything in between

First - A little Guild background:

The Malignity Guild has been created specifically for Wildstar and is more of a community of friends and laughs rather than that regular old Elitest attitude that you have seen in other MMOs in the past! The guild is an off branch of our FPS clan X|X which has been around for many many years. The minimum age of recruitment for X|X is 18 and we are planning on trying to keep with that tradition in Wildstar.

The current guild leadership have been playing the 'ol computer games together for 2+ years and are all great friends rather than "oh that guy I know online". Each leader has been playing MMOs for the past 10+ years and is well versed in how to run a guild, run raids and make sure that your experience on Nexus is as fun as it should be!

Second - What we are about:

We are growing quickly and we have added quite a few members in just the head start period of pre-release.

We are a guild of members who are looking to have a good time online rather than be the first to do everything. You want to complete every single quest in every single area a of Nexus despite your level? SURE, you bought the game, are going to be paying for it and we want you to have fun while you are with us! You need a hand with that pesky 3 man boss? We are more than willing to come help out.

We have all types of players, from people who are MMO virgins and Wildstar is their first MMO; to people like our leadership who just can't get enough of MMOs and those individuals who love the good old MMOs will help you with anything that you may need. As previously stated, we are a guild that is a community of friends and we want to make sure that you want to play with members.

Our members span across North America. We have members from Canada and the States, from Alaska to the East coast and everything in between. Are you the player that logs on right after work, right up until you pass out on your keyboard? Cool. I do that too. Are you the player that logs on when you can and play for fun? Awesome!

Our guild highly utilizes Teamspeak and is a requirement to join the guild. You don't have to have a mic but listening is a must. The majority of our guild will open Teamspeak even before they open the game, even if it is just to say hello, join up with other members or just hang out and chat while questing. Teamspeak can get quite colorful at times and our members may act like they are 7 but it's all in good fun.

We are planning on late game raiding and also that PvP thrown in there. As I said before we aren't looking to be the first because we want to enjoy the game but we also want to make sure that you get that raiding or PvP fix that you are looking for. When it comes to raiding we all know that people like to see progression instead of head hitting the wall over and over again, so we will try to accommodate that as much as possible but please remember, this is a new game and it will take us a couple months to get the members to be able to do the larger raids.

Third - The Recruitment process:

To those of you that are looking to join our outstanding, humorous, goal orientated and diverse community, just head over to them forums, register and throw an application up on the threads! We do have a couple limitations on guild applications but please do not let that scare you from applying. We will always give fair and prompt consideration to all applications and completely without bias or discrimination.

Once you have an application up, the guild leadership will pull you into a TS channel just for a little Q&A, we want to make sure that you are a fit for the guild as much as we want to make sure that the guild is the right fit for you.

If this looks like it could be a fit for you, head over to http://www.MalignityGaming.net and drop us an application.

Welcome to Wildstar cupcake and have a very Nexus experience!

Sense of humor required.

The following is the Malignity Drama policy:



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