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Dollar Menu Heroes - An Adult Only Casual PVX Guild on Warbringer (Dominon)

GigabitGigabit Member Posts: 1

I could tell you how awesome we are, but why lie? We have jobs, children and other responsibilities that we handle with varying degrees of failure. Sometimes our biggest accomplishment in life is not murdering the office asshole right in his stupid asshole face.

Seriously, screw Toby.

But I digress. My point is...who the hell cares what my point was...If the last Boss you killed was your spouse's hopes and dreams then you've come to right place. So grab a drink, join us on vent and let the screams of a few dying Aurins carry the day's stresses away.

We will offer structured Raids and PVP but participation is not required for membership. Play when you can, IRL>A Game and we're all here to have fun.

Whisper Gigabit or Sungila in game for more info!

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