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SmashixSmashix Member UncommonPosts: 91

Unfortunately, that's about all I can say. I really wanted to like GW2. My wife and I both bought it a couple of months ago during one of the half off sales.

Things I like:

  • I like the graphics. Some of the character and city details are amazing!
  • I like that the game gives you reasons to explore zones. In MMOs, I've always been about the journey, not the end-game.
  • I like that you can complete quests in different ways.
  • I love all the waypoints and instant travel!
  • I enjoyed the jumping puzzles, especially those where I fell over and over again. :-)
  • I like the recipe discovery when crafting. This is über cool.
  • I like that my currencies are accessible to all characters. No silly logging in and out and mailing gold to my own characters.
  • I like that there was some reasonable challenge in leveling. Some other big name games (you know ) have forgotten how to make leveling challenging, or worse, intentionally removed it.
Things I don't like:
  • I hate the arbitrary restrictions on actions. Even if you only give me 10 actual combat/play actions, at least let me put food and potions on a toolbar somewhere instead of forcing me to open my inventory to eat.
  • My main is warrior. I used the longbow as my main weapon I equipped a sword/warhorn as a second weapon that I could switch to to get the 15 second speed buff by pressing 4. Making players jump through this kind of a complicated mechanic for get a speed buff is a perfect example of bad design.
  • I've played through numerous zones now, up to level 42, so I have seen my share of the world. The main feeling I get is that the zones look way too similar and the types of mob are way too limited. Basically I have been killing the same mobs in the same zone for 42 levels. I never really got the feeling as I got in games like WoW, EQ2 and Rift, where when you switch to certain zones, they really immerse you in the game by feeling so amazingly different.
  • After 42 levels, I still have the same 5 skills for my main weapon that I did at noob level. The utility skills I have now are essentially the same as I had 25 levels ago. None of the traits I have taken have changed the way I play in any real way and from what I have read about them, it doesn't look like they ever will. It just doesn't feel like I have anything interesting to look forward to in the next 38 levels.

The bottom line is that nothing is drawing me to play. No game is perfect and I would put up with the things I didn't like it the game was captivating me in other ways. I gave it until level 42 to see if something amazing would happen that would compel or excite me to play, it just never did.

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