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[NA Exile] [Casual] [PT Roleplay] [Dungeons/Adventures/Raids/Warplots/PvP/Crafting/Leveling/] [No Vo

RedleoRedleo Member Posts: 2

Class Requirements (Level 1+)

class Warrior
class Spellslinger
class Medic
class Stalker
class Esper
class Engineer


Faction Requirements

class Exiles

Race Requirements

class Human
class Granok
class Aurin
class Mordesh


Path Requirements

class Explorer
class Scientist
class Soldier
class Settler


Recruitment information


Nexus Wild Stars is ahuntin' fer grown up folk lookin' to enjoy this here planet!

Dungeons/adventures/raids/warplots (not rqd),
but with pt/voluntary roleplay,
so voice is never used.
Environment is encouraging and understanding
for people with any amount of experience. 

Ifn this sounds appealin', take a gander at our Policies,
and then use that there application link to git'er done !
Thank ya fer yer time!


Time Schedules




Casual Instancing RP-PvP RP-PvE 


voice Apply Here

WildStar Exile Guild on North America RP PvE Evindra Server


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