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Translated Q&A from Russian publisher

M4koM4ko Member Posts: 385

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Gamenet testers (Q&A)




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Anyway to turn off HP indicator?

Possibly, such mechanics are already in game. When you crouch your HP bar disappears.



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How will ping affect the game. Where are the servers located?

Servers are in Moscow. Some of our testers are easily playing with 400 ping.



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Sieges: specific times or any time?


Most likely at set times.



?????? ????????? ?? Mackiavelly ?????????? ?????????

How does one move around the world? Any portals?


Open world. Move on foot or mounts. No portals



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Any guild events planned?


Yes they are planned.




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WIll there be Alpha, and what will be requirements to join it?


We are looking into Alpha access, so far no details on how many phases or what will be the requirements to join.



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Will you drop equipment if your negative karma is too high?


High negative karma raises risks of dropping good items.



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How large are player parties?

5 per party.

Gamenet Q&A from Goha.RU

How long will Russian localisation take? Will there be an English language localisation?



We are working on a full Russian localisation, which should be ready by November 2014

We are testing  an English translator pack, this feature will allow English speaking players install English language pack on their machine and play on our servers.
Cheat shields

HOw are you planning to fight cheaters and botters?



At this stage, cheating is a massive problem. Therefore we will give special attention to this problem. We will work in close cooperation with Pearl Abyss to prevent cheating. We will log everything that a player does in order to track down dupes and exploits. There will be numerous anti-cheating measures, such as multiple authorizations. And of course we will greatly rely on the community to help us with any cheating issues that may arise. 

Server separation

Are you planning to open up PVP or RP only servers. WIll the game be F2P?



We are planning to open up such servers, but all depends on what the players demand.  "Hardcoredness" is more attractive to players since it deviates from the norm. We  are also looking into having a dedicated HardCore server. Such server will have even tougher rules.

The game will be F2P for all ingame content. But you will be able to buy unique items for real money. We may also open up a server with a regular monthly subscription.


When is closed and open beta, how will access be available?



Classic  1 phase CBT and 1 phase OBT. Keys will be given to most active guilds and individuals. For CBT we may give access to everyone for 1 day to test servers stress.


PVP mechanics and rewards?



BD is centered around hardcore PVP gameplay. Players who lose a PVP fight may drop anything out of their inventory bag, stones (stat improvers), lowered durability of the equipment, and percentage of XP.  Trade Caravans also drop loot.

Current allowable PVP is 35 for quests and 40 in general. We will most likely lower this limit.
You can be safe from PKing in towns and safe zones with guards. PKers will have negative karma, to which guards will react.  PKers with negative karma drop better loot.

Besides guild fights there will be taxes system on guild owned territory and trading.

System specs and requirements.

What graphics tweaks will be available and what will be minimum requirements to run the game?



Currently you can turn off certain effects in the game. You can also manipulate your screenshots by changing camera view, add color filters, effects, etc

Current required specs:

Windows 7, Windows 8; Graphics: GTS 250 / GeForce 9800 GTX / ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2; CPU: Intel Core i3; 4Gb RAM.


.......................................................................................................................................................... Interview from May 29, 2014
1. NO WIPE after  OBT, unless game breaking dupes or glitches found.
2. Early access for final release and CBT access  for PAYING founders/donors will be available in the form of founder packages; in addition to the regular waiting list and invitation of most productive forumers.
Is there a Guild Alliance system?

- System is in place, but hasnt been implemented into 2nd CBT in Korea .

Any plans to implement "friend or foe" identification system?

- Yes, you cant attack people within your group, alliance or guild

It was shown that you can hire NPC mercenaries, can they be given certain formation  commands, such as follow, attack and defend?

- We are planning to add a mercenary system and yes formations will be part of it.

Will there be a gender-lock? For example, will elf archer male have same or different skill set compared to female elf archer?

- Hard to describe, but the root of skill sets will be different.

Can you organize raids consisting of multiple groups?

- Planning to have raids of 4 groups (20 ppl) and overall raid content will be very diverse.

Do you think that Aim-Assist is like autoaim for Ranger classes? Making rangers too powerful?

- Balance is still on-going, but AIm-Assist will stay as is.

Question about Guild citadels that Koreans were building during sieges - what are they?

-There are 2 types of sieges: Castle siege and defense of your citadel (tower). In order to participate in a castle siege, guild must construct a command center (tent) on the territory of the castle siege. The other type of siege - defense of your citadel. Players must build citadels  inside the castle perimeter, and which ever guild maintains the citadel will at the end control the castle (Lineage 2 mechanic)

We already know about siege elephants, cannons and ladders. Will players be able to use or control those items?

- For now you can only use cannons, in the future it's planned to have players use mercenaries, elephants and more.
More to come....


  • DamonVileDamonVile Member CommonPosts: 4,818

    I wonder what a hard core server would be like. Perma death ?


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