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Freestyle Football (similar to Kicks Online) June 10th

MacZessMacZess Member CommonPosts: 4

Right in time for the World Cup, Freestyle Football will be released on June 10th at 15:00 GMT +2 and 06:00 PST. It's similar to Kicks Online, but with better graphics and gameplay.

Freestyle Football is a free2play fast paced massively multiplayer online sports game. Experience the freestyle moves and motions you haven’t been able to see in other Football games. Players team up with one another to challenge other players to 3v3 or 4v4 matches (you control a single player on the pitch). In Freestyle Football you can also specialize and customize your character like you want. You can level up your character, choose a specialized position at lvl 30 (for example AMF, DMF, SS, CB...) and choose from many different skills that fit your playstyle.

Here is some gameplay:



4v4 full match

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