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New server 6/10 - DDoS protection Oxide Plugins Explained inside

S3D4T3S3D4T3 Member CommonPosts: 8

Join server Hosted by SPQRGAMING.COM Multi Gaming Community! We offer a website with up to date information.


Come game with your friends or clan and enjoy a shared 200 slot Teamspeak3 server.  Get your own channel in TS with a small donation.

New server recently wiped with a friendly starting community. Come build with us and survive.  The Server Admins understand the importance of legitimacy.  

All players on Rustology are able to do whatever they please on the server, other than the obvious which is cheating.  So it is simple,

no rules, enjoy your Rust experience as an outlaw, there are no rules that govern you. 


All that we ask is do not grief a base you raid or that is in the process of being built by obstructing construction or not allowing the exit or entrance

of the building owner into the premises.


Just keep in mind; cheating will lead to a permanent ban with no

reevaluation considered.  Do not think to cheat, if you are not sure something is exploitative in which it gives you the upper hand over your fellow

server mates, please make sure to inquire about it to an admin or server community manager.  Come join now! The Sooner the better! The server

was just wiped recently.  We know that the majority of Rust servers are currently occupied by admin abusing individuals, cheaters/hackers;

we will do what we can to make sure we promote a fun and legitimate competitive environment for everyone to play!

If you have any questions/inquiries or suggestions of any kind please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


If this is the place for you connect in Rust via the console

Press F1 and type in the following command:




Adminpage : Allows players to create a ticket type system for admins to respond to while online and offline

Antipub: Anti server publication from others players, auto kick/ban

Arrow Recovery: Recover some of your arrows after killing a person or mob

Private Profile Blocker: Those with a private profile will not be able to log in

Essentials : Player Friendly commands and econ system

Protection: Offers new players that join the server 2 hours of PvP protection unless you attack another player.  Also a limited time after a respawn from death. 

RickVoter: Rewards for voting for the server on

Airdrop:  Airdrop controller that progressivly increases drops as population grows on server

Antispeed Hack:  Notifies admins when a player has moved X meters in X amount of time.  If the number is a large number will auto ban the player via SteamID

There are also many donor packs available on our website for those that want to assist in keeping the Rustology community going.  

Perks will also be given to those that help promote the server via or other avenues out there.  

All items are believed to not be a detriment to the aspect of gameplay, if anyone has suggestions feel free to email [email protected] and/or post on the web forums located at  We are fair individuals that have a passion for gaming and want to make the experience enjoyable for all. 

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