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We understand that joining a FC is ultimately meant to make your gaming experience more enjoyable, not to burden you with forced participation and time consuming demands. The core of our FC is comprised of real people with real lives; semi-casual players with full-time jobs and/or wives and/or children, etc. Real life comes first, game life comes second.


Most of us have previous raiding experience, myself included. Casualcore is founded on the concept that you can be a skilled casual player, and still find balance between work, family, and gaming life. If you're a casual player looking for a FC where you can relax and not worry about having to deal with politics and drama and obnoxious people (though no guarantees on your perception of obnoxious), then we have what you're looking for.


You can sign up on out website


Or find us in game.  Mandykinz Trueblood, Felix Thecat, Severin Maeldive, Sylvael Stormrunner

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