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KNEEL BEFORE ZOG! Alpha Test Information

MumboJumboMumboJumbo Member UncommonPosts: 3,219

KNEEL BEFORE ZOG! Alpha Test Information

Zog Rules!

We have built an Alpha Test server platform here in our offices in Redmond. This server is going to be used for testing purposes only and won't be the production server we'll use in Early Enrollment. We wanted to have it close by so we could easily do hard reboots and swear at it when it's being recalcitrant. We've named this server Zog.

Alpha Test Cadence

As we begin Alpha Testing we are moving to a new cadence in our operations. We are going to be working on a 2-week cycle which is going to drive a lot of the information flowing from our team to the community.

This picture explains everything!

The Structure of Time

This cadence means that the community will see the following behaviors:

  • On Wednesday of Week 1, we will do a more traditional blog that will focus on the marketing, new hires, ideas from design for which we would like to get community feedback, etc.
  • On Wednesday of Week 2, we will do a Changelog blog that will update everyone on the imminent changes to the Alpha Test.
  • On Thursday of Week 2, a new build should become available for Alpha Testers, and they should begin to download and install it.


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