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Marvel Heroes: 2014 Team-Up Advance Pack Giveaway



  • TheJoeBoxTheJoeBox Member Posts: 2
    Awesome! Submitted!!
  • BardockXxBardockXx Member Posts: 1

    Domino - because the game lacks female gunslingers.. =d and i'm really interested in how they will work out her luck in game

    also deadpool the kid! its pretty obvious.. deadpool = win so dp +dp = double win.. just imagine the conversations!

  • BogartandMinervaBogartandMinerva Member Posts: 1
    Domino, Havok, Spider-Woman, She-Hulk. Yes please!
  • obliriovronsobliriovrons Member Posts: 1
    She-Hulk because she's one of the friendly hulks
  • chomaruchomaru Member Posts: 1

    Domino, since she's one of my favourite characters for sure and I'm very curious what her interaction with deadpool will be 

    definatly looking forward to her, although Havok and Clea are quite interesting as well

  • IrishJoeIrishJoe Member Posts: 1

    I can't wait to have She-Hulk as a team-up.  Lawyers are often unfairly labeled as slimy, soulless parasites, but I think She-Hulk proves that lawyers can be just as heroic as teachers (Charles Xavier), civil servants (Nick Fury) or paramedics (Thor). 

    She-Hulk: An positive role model for empowered lawyers everywhere.

  • NeurolimalNeurolimal Member Posts: 1

    Would be pretty chill if I got a Teamup pack, the dude I'm most excited for are probably She-Hulk (since it makes her more likely to end up a full character later, and she can borrow a bit from Hulk) and Beta Ray Bill (Thorse Supremacy, also its neat how Thor will come out instead if you have the Beta Ray Bill skin on)

  • madmadchuckmadmadchuck Member Posts: 1

    I'd have to say Havok because I always found him for more interesting than Cyclops. He had this coolness that Cyclops just couldn't pull off.

    I'm also interested in Beta Ray Bill cause I don't know much about him comic wise. I saw him in one of the Animated features and looked him up a bit more. He seems pretty cool. I'd be interested to learn more about him.

  • QSwordfishQSwordfish Member Posts: 1
    Deadpool the Kid, although I might have to shut him up if he talks as much as Deadpool in-game.
  • MattmageMattmage Member Posts: 1

    ohhh I want Domino sooo much!


    Thanks for this!!

  • DontRunJustDieDontRunJustDie Member Posts: 1
    Clea is the one im looking forward to the most! She is going to go perfect with my lvl 60 cosmic Doctor Strange
  • peroxideperoxide Member CommonPosts: 1
    Who doesn't like Deadpool? Having him as a team-up would be amazing so that's definitely the one I'm most excited about seeing!
  • oaktoadoaktoad Member Posts: 1
    looking forward to wasp
  • Colhomer131978Colhomer131978 Member Posts: 1
    I'm really looking forward to Havok cause once you get the Summers brothers together nothing can beat them!
  • mazdrammazdram Member Posts: 1

    She-Hulk all the way. She's an important enough character to merit a hero release of her own someday, and that day will be awesome. 

    Tremendous strength levels, a clear head, potential for some great lines and the POWER ... OF ATTORNEY.

  • LiljnaLiljna Member UncommonPosts: 274

    I'm very exited about She-Hulk. I have been a fan of her since I discovered her in the 80ies.

    As far as I know she will also be a hero on her own on day in MH. This I am also looking forward to :D

    But I will settle for her as a Team-Up for now, gorgeous and green.


  • BoundKittyBoundKitty Member CommonPosts: 1
    I'm looking forward to Beta Ray Bill to team up with my Thor.
  • slash197slash197 Member Posts: 2
    I'm most excited for Beta Ray Bill because come on.  It's Beta Ray Bill.  That's all the reason anyone needs.
  • missledlsmissledls Member Posts: 1
    I Would like to play Wasp.I'm looking for to playing the skills it has.


  • IlayaIlaya Member UncommonPosts: 661

    I am looking forward to : WASP

    Why: I love "tiny" things and her spoiled Costume is just AWESOME

  • dkangsterdkangster Member Posts: 1
    I'm a huge fan of Havok, I've always loved his power set and thought he was an interesting foil to Scott!
  • RagnarokWarRagnarokWar Member UncommonPosts: 35
    She-Hulk. Marvel's version of female empowerment, allowing a woman to have not only the insane power of a hulk, but to keep their mind and appearance in tact, destroying the idea that female empowerment always led to undesirable consequences. That, and quite frankly, it'd be nice to have a partner who can bolt into the thick of enemies and just flatten them solid.
  • NitemareMMONitemareMMO Member UncommonPosts: 239
    Anything that has female figure :) SpiderWoman!
  • ZalgotasZalgotas Member UncommonPosts: 9
    Beta Ray Bill cause what better team up for my thor is there ? :)
  • neopeanutneopeanut Member Posts: 1
    Beta Ray Bill. I have most of his collection of comics and his story is just so amazing. He is equal to Thor! He wields the stormbreaker! And he rides around in Skuttlebutt! SKUTTLEBUTT! Seriously.
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