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Marvel Heroes: 2014 Team-Up Advance Pack Giveaway



  • HellioningHellioning Member UncommonPosts: 1
    I really like She-Hulk and Spider-Womam from the comics, so probably them.
  • fascismfascism Member UncommonPosts: 428
    Domino because I main Cable
  • AnsobAnsob Member Posts: 1

    I'm most excited for Thorse, of course, because he's Thor but a horse.


    (That's Beta Ray Bill. Yes, I know he's not a horse. I just like calling him Thorse.)

  • SunWaltzSunWaltz Member Posts: 2
    Beta Ray bill becasue he's awesome !
  • sleepmindedsleepminded Member Posts: 5
    Most excited for She Hulk, would be nice to have a nice tanky team-up that doesn't die instantly in higher level content (oh, who am I kidding, she'll probably die just like the rest :()
  • Ghosttiger13Ghosttiger13 Member Posts: 2
    Totes Havok
  • SunWaltzSunWaltz Member Posts: 2
  • PlasmaKappaPlasmaKappa Member Posts: 1
    Most excited for Beta Ray Bill, need more horsepower.
  • ravenwyndravenwynd Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Most looking forward to Spider Woman and She-Hulk based on character and looks.  Intrigued on Domino based on her powers of luck in comics and what they might give in game terms.
  • alpha_ninealpha_nine Member Posts: 1
    She-Hulk for sure, I can't wait to tear up supervillians with her and Hulk on the same team!
  • AeonicVortexAeonicVortex Member UncommonPosts: 1

    This is a hard one.

    I'm probably most looking forward to Havok since he's Cykes brother, and having the duo together would be pretty neat.  I really like him after the recent movies too.


    Deadpool because.. Deadpool.  He's fun and crazy in an entertaining way!

  • serquesserques Member Posts: 1
    • Domino will rule xD with sexy
  • BurntCabbageBurntCabbage Member UncommonPosts: 482
    i just picked this title up and i was just in-game saying how much i wanted to play / use spider woman and dominoe..looks like its gonna come true! cant wait! see ya in game!
  • Vasin44Vasin44 Member Posts: 1
    Havok, will be pretty sweet probably doing sick damage from ranged. 
  • TriphosTriphos Member Posts: 1
    I want to play Beta Ray Bill and Thor together, like it's meant to be.
  • LemonliciousLemonlicious Member Posts: 1
    Deadpool the kid, I mean Deadpool is too funny already. The only thing better would be him in kid form factor!
  • pic2022pic2022 Member Posts: 1
    I am most excited for Deadpool-the-kid because Deadpool is my favorite.
  • dwtroutdwtrout Member Posts: 1

    thanks for the chance to win this amazing pack , would to have it !


  • Zenocide717Zenocide717 Member Posts: 1
    She-Hulk, because nothing is better then a sexy green lady ready to lay the smack down if you touch her man!
  • EmizzonEmizzon Member Posts: 1
    I'm wanting to see She-Hulk. Always felt she needed her own monthly comic, at least she'll get some love in the game... though she should be a playable hero!
  • barasawabarasawa Member UncommonPosts: 618

    Beta Ray Bill

    Not only does he have the powers of a Norse God

    But he's a Parody of Thor and an Alien ! ! !

    Though it's true that not many people would want to kiss that horse face of his. :P

    Lost my mind, now trying to lose yours...

  • AnapAnap Member Posts: 1
    Domino all the way, she seems pretty freaking awesome. Havok as a close number 2 though. Excitement meter is off the charts
  • BartheloBarthelo Member Posts: 1
    Clea, she'll go great with my Dr. Strange ( love me some magic characters!!)
  • rubber_toe360rubber_toe360 Member Posts: 1

    Which single teamup? Wasp, of course. Founding Avenger, one of the best female superheroes out there without being grimdark / a secret agent. Just a normal girl who decided to try out being a superhero, and became one of the greats!


    But realy, depends on the character! I'll run Beta Ray Bill with my Thor, Deadpool with Cable, Domino with either wolverine or nightcrawler (whichever I get an X-force costume for first), Havok with Cyclops, and She-Hulk with her cousin.

  • demodreddemodred Member Posts: 1
    Havok, need some more lasers.
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