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Marvel Heroes: 2014 Team-Up Advance Pack Giveaway



  • dintriksdintriks Member Posts: 1
    Wasp. She's awesome.
  • DGrabDGrab Member Posts: 1
    Havok, because he is super awesome in DOFP, and Beta Ray Bill because he's one of my favorite costumes!
  • UnholyvampUnholyvamp Member UncommonPosts: 5
    aah gief!
  • violentpeaceviolentpeace Member Posts: 1

    Signed up to the site for this one! 

    She-Hulk, so I can use Hulk and create a Super Group called Agents of S.M.A.S.H !!

    I have used my boosts to get 500% GIF (Giveaway Item Find)


  • SnackTime91SnackTime91 Member Posts: 1
    I can't wait the Havoc team-up! He is barely used in games so I'm most excited to see him in action, hopefully as a playable hero soon as well.
  • sldropsldrop Member Posts: 112
    Domino!!!!!  will be a good match for my Deadpool !!!!!!!
  • LegendaryRarityLegendaryRarity Member UncommonPosts: 44
    She-Hulk, she's one of the strongest females and would be a good team-up for some of my favorite heroes that I play.

    "Like wine, accounts of valor mellow with age; until Achilles dead 3,000 years stands peerless."

  • falco90falco90 Member Posts: 1

    Can't  wait for Mr Beta Ray awesome Bill!

    Beta Ray Bill for president!!! (of Midgard) :D

  • ShariShari Member UncommonPosts: 746

    I'd like to see a superhero version of myself called Patch and my superhero power would be patch work quilting.

    Did I win some cookies?


  • MRXCMRXC Member Posts: 1
    Obviously most pumped for Havoc. If he was a playable character I easily would drop the 1350G to go light up some mobs with Havoc.
  • commandobobcommandobob Member Posts: 1
    Defiantly  looking forward to Havok. Have always been a fan of X-Factor and his current run on Uncanny Avengers. Cant wait for him to be playable in 2015.
  • SerpentterrorSerpentterror Member Posts: 1
    She Hulk is probably the one I am most excited for I really look forward to having a dedicated tank team up who can take some serious beats if need be.  Also I look forward to all the flavor text I get from her interactions with the rest of the Marvel Universe; sans Howard the Duck and Deadpool one of the only characters to break the fourth wall on occasion and I am sure she will have tons of quips and jokes to laugh with and at other heroes/villains.  Thanks for doing these giveaways always nice to see the community show up!
  • WhitershadeWhitershade Member Posts: 1
    Deadpool-the-Kid, so my Deadpool and him can have some jolly meta adventures.
  • OverlordSBOverlordSB Member Posts: 1
    I'm most interested in Domino, since I'm sure she'll have abilities that will affect drop rates of various kinds in the game, and in a loot pinata game such as this, that's a pretty big deal to have on your side. Loot is happiness, and more loot is even more happiness!
  • AbradoksAbradoks Member Posts: 1
  • Oneironaut21Oneironaut21 Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking forward to Domino.  I think she'd make a great companion to my Punisher.
  • SonicBlueSonicBlue Member UncommonPosts: 1
    I would love to see Domino. I've been an X-men fan for many a days and I loved the character.
  • KabuKiArcadeKabuKiArcade Member Posts: 1
    Super excited for Wasp!  I play Scarlet Witch mostly and having some lady avengers kicking butt will be great!
  • ArcheAge2014ArcheAge2014 Member UncommonPosts: 135
    i woudl like to team up with deadpool, ninja slashing joke cracking ball busting marvel hero , who wouldnt want to team up and bust up some bad guys with deadpool the kid.
  • Castello922Castello922 Member Posts: 1
    Wasp, i'm looking forward too see her shrinking abilities in game. Just need something little flying around me :)
  • Kendo1212Kendo1212 Member Posts: 1
    Deadpool the kid. Love Deadpool!
  • thesaethesae Member Posts: 1
    for me i'd like to play with domino 
  • oolongToolongT Member Posts: 1
    Most looking forward to Domino! Xmen fan for life!
  • barbwolfbarbwolf Member Posts: 1
    She-Hulk! She can fight along side my Hulk so he won't be sad and lonely!
  • harlockianharlockian Member Posts: 1
    I think the coolest ones to see are Clea (love Dr. Strange), Spider-Woman, and Havok.  They seem the coolest to me.  
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