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Marvel Heroes: 2014 Team-Up Advance Pack Giveaway



  • st00rmst00rm Member Posts: 2
    Domino, that is all :)
  • lafl25lafl25 Member Posts: 1
    I am mostly excited by the Wasp because I am curious to see how is she going to play. But I will like them all, i'm sure!
  • StreetRyder87StreetRyder87 Member UncommonPosts: 3
    I am really excited for Domino.  She is a awesome mutant with badass gun play.
  • Weezer_GeekWeezer_Geek Member Posts: 18
    Looking forward to Havok the most. Any Summers is a winner!
  • wrigglewrigglewrigglewriggle Member Posts: 2
    Spider-Woman because I'm a huge Spider-Woman fan
  • RednastearsRednastears Member Posts: 2
    I can't wait for Wasp with her on my side i will strike fear in the hearts of my enemies and in their eyes :D :D :D in a cute way ^^
  • DaelenorDaelenor Member Posts: 1
    Domino to complete a team with a punisher. Love gunslingers.
  • WackzacWackzac Member Posts: 1

    Beyond excited to run around on thor with beta ray bill!

    Also liking the coverage you guys are giving to this game, it's much deserved for such a fantastic game, keep it up!

  • GilbeastGilbeast Member Posts: 1
    I made an account so I can reply to this thread and talk about how excited I am for Beta Ray Bill. I mean he is an alien Thor whats not to like about the horse face with honor. Plus I believe you get a Thor team up if you have BRB costume on, so its like a 2 for 1. 
  • OlemagiOlemagi Member UncommonPosts: 7
    She-Hulk would be an awesome addition to my team,I like Green and would like to partner her with just about any of my ranged.i need a team-up that can take the beaten.

    Witchie Poo/BOTF

  • EvilflanEvilflan Member CommonPosts: 1
    She-Hulk to accompany DareDevil while listening to "I fought the Law"
  • siul06siul06 Member Posts: 2

    cant wait for Domino team up and Spider-Woman :D


  • bteriberybteribery Member Posts: 2
    She hulk    just because
  • nephtasnephtas Member Posts: 1
    i'm most excited about Domino. Makes me wish for Longshot too. Haha.
  • UnuuniliumUnuunilium Member Posts: 1

    The real answer is: ALL OF THEM! 

    My excitement is equally distributed through all the characters, as I am curious on how each of them will interact with my roster of characters!

  • GameMonger71GameMonger71 Member UncommonPosts: 122

    1) Wasp.  If I could only pick one it is definitely Wasp.  She is a unique character with interesting powers that brings something new to the Marvel universe and the game.  She is also an awesome prequel to getting Ant-Man later!  Go get them Mr. Pym.

    2) Domino.  Sure we already have the pistol waving Widow, but Domino is a unique character as well with her luck based skills.  She is a great team up for Cable and would help any Avengers team.  Just an awesome look and background!



  • KenshyKenshy Member Posts: 1
    Clea because she's the most sexy ^^
  • Sharklord123Sharklord123 Member Posts: 1
    I am looking forward to Havok, it will be cool to have Cyclops team up with his brother
  • ZerphZerph Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Domino! just look at her!
  • neji25neji25 Member Posts: 1
    Deadpool the kid come on hands down best team up with deadpool hopefully with voice interactions and as some one saide earlyer whats better then deadpool  answer is two deadpools
  • TempranosTempranos Member Posts: 1
    Definitely most excited for Spider-Woman! Can't get enough web slingers in my game!
  • papas88063papas88063 Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Kid Deadpool - because he is Freaking Awesome- enough said
  • McBa1nMcBa1n Member Posts: 1

    I'm most eager for Beta Ray Bill. He's a complete bad-arse. Wasp might be fun if Ant Man/Hank Pym ever gets added to the game.

    I don't understand the fascination with Domino at all, but to each their own, I figure.

  • OkitanaOkitana Member UncommonPosts: 18

    Domino! because she will bring me the luck to win! muwahahahahaha!


  • charlemarcharlemar Member Posts: 1
    Well of all the listed above i would certainly choose wasp. Considering she is most definitely not an a-lister is what caught my attention. I'd pick "under-rated" heroes/team-ups that never had their so much deserved high fives and give love to them all day. Well as for her she also kicks body parts if you know what i mean ^_^
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