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Marvel Heroes: 2014 Team-Up Advance Pack Giveaway



  • DevtekDevtek Member CommonPosts: 1
    Probably Clea for my Dr. Strange :P
  • Perpetuus85Perpetuus85 Member Posts: 1
    I am most excited for both Beta Ray Bill and Spider-Woman (as long as spider-woman has her own moveset different from the current spider-man team up)
  • jocksterjockster Member Posts: 1
    havoc plz coz awesome is my reason just awseome
  • MisterPhotonMisterPhoton Member Posts: 1
    Domino, because my main hero is Cable, and they're teammates
  • Grotar89Grotar89 Member UncommonPosts: 347
    She-Hulk, because she is hawt :D
  • itsjaredlolitsjaredlol Member Posts: 1
    Domino, because I am 30 years old and never had a gf but if I did it would be a grill who look like Domino :)
  • DaigotsuslidgeDaigotsuslidge Member Posts: 1
    Can't get enough of my Spider heroes. Love me some Spider-Woman. Maybe she will be one of Spider-man's amazing friends, because Black Widow is a jerk and won't
  • liamc42liamc42 Member Posts: 1
    OMG Domino and Havok will be incredible!!!
  • AkosceAkosce Member Posts: 1
    Wasp and She-Hulk are the two Team-Ups I'm most excited for in the upcoming releases. Wasp has been one of my all time favorite super heroes and it's a shame they keep killing her off in the comics, so you can be sure I'll be extra careful with her in-game.

    As for Wasp in Marvel Heroes I've been struggling to imagine how they'd implement her in game. Will she be support heavy? DPS? A buff totem of sorts? I'll love having her fly by my side regardless of whatever in-game qualities she brings to compliment my current hero, but she'll be amazing I'm sure. If I have to find a round-about way to make her work then all the more fun for me.

    Then there's She-Hulk. A big, mean, and green wrecking ball with a vocabulary far exceeding her male counterpart. I could always use a bruiser by my side, and at the moment, as much as I like Spider-Man, I would love to have someone more fitting of the role. She-Hulk and I will bring the wonton destruction and it will be marvelous. I only hope she'll be cracking out some taunting commentary to accompany my cackling as we lay waste to everything in sight.

    Domino, Beta Ray Billy, Havoc, Spider-Woman, Clea, and Deadpool-the-Kid, so many Team-Ups, and with all the heroes I already have, I'm sure each of them will fit in with one character or another. Even if -God forbid- they aren't as practical as the others their banter and lore-wise-team-ups will be sure to keep them off the bench.

    Really looking forward to all these releases from the Marvel Heroes team, but if guys could, please, please make Wasp and She-Hulk playable heroes before next years anniversary!
  • rob2849rob2849 Member Posts: 1
    Havok because he's sweet and shoots lazers from his arms
  • TrubkopfTrubkopf Member Posts: 1
    She-Hulk. I just got done reading Civil War in its entirety and I really like the parts she was in. Can't wait for that team-up!
  • UndeadGeekUndeadGeek Member Posts: 1
    I'm VERY excited for Spider-Woman, She-Hulk and Domino. I'm hoping that they'll be playable at some point, but until then, this is the next best thing!
  • therealmagnustherealmagnus Member Posts: 1

    Would love Havok because I'd like to see the interaction between the summers brothers. 

    But honestly I'm looking forward to all of them. 

  • BendaltBendalt Member Posts: 1
    Domino...who wouldn't want lady luck on their side?!
  • yawmushyawmush Member Posts: 1
    I'm most looking forward to Deadpool-the-Kid. I don't think one can get enough of Deadpool's in your face, breaking the fourth wall snarkiness. He's already one of my favorite regular characters to play and this would just be the icing on the cake.
  • KestremelKestremel Member Posts: 1
    Wasp for sure, I mostly play avengers , so she would be perfect.
  • zetzetkokozetzetkoko Member Posts: 1

    Domino! I'd be interested to see how Gaz decides to make her team mate based on her mutant powers.

    But the tease of beta ray bill is just as appealing!!

  • OwningXylophoneOwningXylophone Member Posts: 1
    Domino, because if she doesn't give you some bonus item find %'s then something is seriously wrong!
  • arcboundsarcbounds Member Posts: 2
    I am psyched about deadlock the kid, unless I have to babysit him. How much xp does he get from killing a babysitter?!
  • AutokillAutokill Member Posts: 1
    I am looking forward to the Wasp team up. I thought she was hilarious in the Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon.
  • simowilkinssimowilkins Member Posts: 1

    I'm most looking forward to Spider-Woman, mostly because I think it's a travesty that she's not a playable character in the game yet.

    After her, it's She-Hulk for the same reason.

    Third place is Domino.  My affinity for her grew because she's awesome in Legendary, the Marvel Deck Building Game.

  • mikeeckmikeeck Member Posts: 1

    Beta Ray Bill - I think it would be great to see interaction with Thor.

    Spider-Woman also peaks my interest.

  • RamadonisRamadonis Member Posts: 18
    Clea. When this pack was first announced, nothing looked all that interesting. That was until I brought Dr. Strange. Now I must have Clea as a Team Up! That would be beyond awesome!
  • kellian1kellian1 Member UncommonPosts: 238

    Looking most forward to playing She-Hulk!! Why...because what better person to run around teaming up with the Hulk!

    No lose situation!

  • LlamaTimeLlamaTime Member Posts: 1
    She-Hulk - - I've been waiting forever to get this hero on my roster!  So excited to see her on the team up list!
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