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  • SEANMCADSEANMCAD Member EpicPosts: 16,775
    Originally posted by wuhsin88
    Originally posted by SEANMCAD
    Originally posted by wuhsin88
    Originally posted by SEANMCAD
    Originally posted by Kangaroomouse
    Originally posted by SEANMCAD

    Originally posted by SEANMCAD

    Originally posted by Kangaroomouse

    Is this game still a pyramid scheme for the veterans milking their traders so they play for free while new players get screwed over paying for the veterans subscriptions?

    Is this game still $15/Month for premium plus $5/Month for the smallest deed?

    If they changed that i might give it a try, but i am not going to fall for this scam and subsidize the veterans deeds and Premium (on their multiple characters).

    Its $10 a month and then around $5-10 for a deed

    meaning for around $20 a month you can do anything and everything in the game and actually make money if you are incline to raises horses.

    I am unclear why one would be concerned that others are playing for free while your subscription is still lower than average. 

    Since when are 10 Euro = $10?

    Since when is $20 cheaper than AAA games that cost $15 even F2P premiums cost $15 only and you can level everything.

    I understand the deed pay-wall but locking the skill levels too is just greedy. 

    1. 8 eruos not 10.

    2. I said that 20 gets you all you can possibly stand from the game. in F2P that requirement would cost you more would it not?

    try to understand I am saying for 20 gets you a large deed and you DONT NEED A DEED.

    you act as if having a large deed is an entitlement 

    1. I said smallest deed, learn to read. No entitlement.

    2. The game is pointless without a deed as you spend more time repairing than doing anything else and you know it.

    3. $15 gets you everything in all F2P games. Land plots, housing, farms. Of cause you can spend more for cosmetics and exp boost but that is not what we are talking about here.


    No point in arguing further. Last years price hike was greed and the dwindling player numbers show it. I guess that is why we see so much desperate promotion for this event right now.

    1. a small deed + membership COSTS LESS THAN $20 A MONTH.

    2. the game without a deed is not pointless MANY PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE DEEDS

    3. $20 in wurm you can basically have EVERYTHING THE GAME AS TO OFFER. You are trying to tell us in a F2P game for $15 you can have EVERYTHING the game offers..not some things...EVERYTHING


    1. And anything else you want in the game will cost extra, everything from armor, weapons, tools, a fast horse, etc. Plus the upfront cost for a deed is actually $30, on top of the premium cost of $15 a month, so it's not really under $20. You're just talking about the upkeep and premium, which even then you have to pay for seperately so that's $15 a month plus another $15 for six months of upkeep for a SMALL deed without a guard. With a guard it will last you about 3 months. 

    2. If you do not pay for a deed and pay the upkeep for a deed in Wurm, your house will decay, and assuming you're new and built it yourself it will take only a few weeks for that to happen unless you repair it often. And you'll have to repair every wall, every fence, every floor and roof tile. And you're going to have a high rate of failure when repairing, and even the failures will consume planks. Not only that, players can grief you and the Game Masters WILL NOT HELP YOU if you do not purchase a deed. If you lose all your cattle due to a server restart, the only way a Game Master will help you is if you have a deed, and have branded the cattle. If you do not pay for a deed, anyone can bash down your fences, kill your animals, and dig up your yard. And they will. So yes, playing without a deed is pretty pointless, I learned that the hard way.

    3. You only have to pay for Minecraft once. A one time fee of $26 and you get EVERYTHING the game has to offer, along with all future content. There are many many more Minecraft servers than there are Wurm servers, and many many more Minecraft players too. Building in Minecraft just gives so many more options than Wurm it's near infinite. 

    1. If you go out and buy everything (armor etc) you are not even playing the game. Buying that stuff is FAR from a requirement to play. I made all my stuff or traded stuff I made. It sounds like you don't want to play the game you just want to come in and have god mode, well yes. On day one if you want a large deed, all the gear you can buy then it will cost you money no doubt. but that is not a requirement and its the same in all games

    2. the prices I gave IS UPKEEP cost.

    3. if you want to compare Wurm (which is about average to low average cost for an MMO) to Minecraft then fine do that, but its hardly fair to call a game over prices when by industry standards its actually lower (Minecraft is not an MMO)

    1. No, it's not a requirement, but still necessary. Your assumption about me coming in and dumping a whole lot of money into the game to play it on Godmode is false. I played it for probably a year before I even bought proper gear. Until then I ran around in homemade chain or leather with a homemade huge axe, and you know how many monsters I solo'd that way? Zilch. Now you can rely on guards to tank monsters and manage to kill a few that way with poor gear, but if you want to travel very far away from any guard towers, you will NEED to be properly geared. Even at 70 FS if I go around in 60 ql leather armor with a 20 ql huge axe, I am going to die against things that would barely scratch me if I was wearing 60 ql steel plate with a 70 ql huge axe. I know that from experience, I tested it out myself outside my old castle.

    2. Right, and I simply stated the INITIAL INVESTMENT. 

    3. Minecraft is a Massively Multiplayer Online game. I'm going to be nice though and not even insult you for that one....

     no its not. I played for a year and NEVER bought something from a merchant and I know people who are the same. I am sorry but you are just wrong. I know you want to win this debate but you have already lost. The base price for being an average player on a server is per month LESS to THE SAME you would have to pay to be an average player in just about any other mmo on the planet.


    Please do not respond to me, even if I ask you a question, its rhetorical.

    Please do not respond to me

  • bdewbdew Member Posts: 192

    [mod edit]

    Premium costs 8 eur per month.

    From the first time you get premium you will get a referral that sells to players for ~6s and 2s into your bank.

    With the new deed sticks, 8s is enough to create a small deed and hire 1 guard and pay for a few months of upkeep.

    Smallest deed upkeep is 1s per month. A bit more if you want a guard.

    You can make 1s easily in game or buy it for ~1euro

  • HodoHodo Member Posts: 542

    Sorry, but I am a old player of Wurm.  I started playing it about 4 or 5 years ago, and played it off and on over that time.  First I will say this.....


    It could be a good game IF Rolf had not been a prattling tw4t and bothered to listen to anyone but his own fanclub.  


    Sure it is a massive sandbox, but the even larger grind is worse than any other game on the market now or ever!   Which is an astounding feat in itself. 

    As of today June 21, 2014 the exchange rate of EUD:USD is 1.35 USD to a single EUD.  So a monthly sub of 8EUD is 10.38USD per month.   Considering what you get, it isnt worth that much because of the grind.   It can take months to get above 50 skills and be useful at anything.  It can take even longer to get your fight skill above 70 so you can defend yourself against most of the NPC mobs in the game, dont even consider PvP at that level, because most of the PvPers have paid for their accounts from others who used macros, cheats or exploits to get the skills where they are "marketable" a long time ago.


    And yes vets still exploit new players, so as a new player you might as well name your character Toby and sing slave songs from the US south in the 1800s, because you are going to be nothing more than a slave.    I mean who finds it fun, clicking on a botton to make 1000+ bricks for someone else for a single silver... That is worth around 1 EUD.  So you are getting paid less than minimum wage in Rowanda and you are thanking them for it?!?!   Good job Toby, maybe tomarrow I will let you lick the crap off of the bottom of my taint and get the corn out of my crack.  


    The combat system is boring as hell.  It is a relic from the 1980s, and it shows.  


    Xanadu is nothing more than another cash grab attempt by Rolf to try and feed his vacation plans for the summer.   And he is milking those who pay for all they are worth. 



    So much crap, so little quality.

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