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[Diabolos] New FC recruiting

VicnairVicnair Member Posts: 1

A few of my real life friends and I decided to make a FC with goals of getting a guild house and just having some fun in game doing dungeons as a guild.  We are looking for anyone with a good sense of humor, talkative, and just an all around awesome person.  If you fit one or all these, then feel free to message one of us in game!  We hope to grow and still be a close knit free company.


Vicnair Altroxess

Keigh Greight

Malcom Shephard

Jedediah McGregor




*NOTE* Anyone looking to be just a random number in a guild should not message us, only people who want to be taken as an important member of a guild and actually be part of conversations and free company related achievements, discussions and dungeons should message us. 

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