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Great game : bad server

Though GE is a great game, stay far from the NA server ran by T3fun. With over 90% of the playerbase being forced to quit or move to the European server due to this company's gutting, nerfing and flat out backstabbing of the playerbase you'd be wise to never waste your time on this server.  What's left of the game can hardly even be called GE anymore. Though the other English servers, sGE and EUge have left the game pretty much intact, this server was basically destroyed without a word form the company, and no word since. A sad development, leaving most only hoping that someone else will take it over and give the NA players somewhere to play instead of having to play outside our region.


  • MagiknightMagiknight Member CommonPosts: 782
    I played this game the week it was released. Looked like a typical run around and kill everything in sight game except you could control 3 characters at the same time I think.
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