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AbimorAbimor Member UncommonPosts: 672

So I realize I may be in the minority here, but I will express my opinion on the recent change to what they cover anyway. Covering more games sounds cool at first until you see they are covering everything from mmorpg's to moba's. I like the fact that they are covering rpgs now. It lets me see more games I may be interested in, but I don't need or want the coverage of mobas or other games in that genre. Bill Murphy did say this in a post “I promise better categorization is coming! When you see the new site design, you'll love it. Not ETA, just "soon" for a beta version”.

When I first found this site I had just left SWG after the combat upgrade and was looking for a new game I found a free trial for DAOC and ever since then I have been lurking on the forums reading posts and reviews of other mmorpgs. I really enjoyed the poll of the day or week thought that was a great feature, and have always enjoyed the great give-aways and free trials the site has offered. I klnow my post count is only 244 but I have been coming to this site since around 2004. So what do you guys think do you like the new direction or would you prefer the old MMORPG? I hope this post doesn't get me in trouble.


  • WoodistWoodist Member Posts: 19
    Hmm looks cool. Thinking if i will add this game on my game lists. Right now i'm playing Rohan blood feud and RO only. I'm also looking other games to try.
  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,326

    Have you tried Wurm Online? I heard it was pretty good if you are OK with 2D Isometric games.

    To me there is not enough coverage of Korean mmos on this site. Mabinogi, Vindictus, Granado Espada, Wolf Knights, and Tree of Saviour are some pretty well crafted games that just don't get the time of day on this site.

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