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MMO to play with my girlfriend



  • WightyWighty Member UncommonPosts: 699

    Darkfall would be a great start! The community is super helpful and everyone is so friendly! It's a real hoot!

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  • KarbleKarble Member UncommonPosts: 750
    Originally posted by rockin_ufo

    Hey guys,

    My girlfriend just got a new laptop and I convinced her to sit down and play some MMOs. Her old laptop was never able to play games and she's always just watched me play instead. But now that she has a laptop that is moderate for gaming, we're going to jump into an MMO together.

    Right now I'm thinking Guild Wars 2 is a good start. She's never played any game like an MMO. While I as a die-hard fan of GW1 pretty much hate the dumbing down of the sequel, it's a great casual game for a 1st timer. But I really don't want to buy her a copy and find out we can't get into it together (we're really tight on money). So I'm kind of sitting at a standstill.

    I'll take all opinions. I'm really just looking for a good group centric game with lots of character customization. I'll even take non-MMO suggestions. Also it has to be F2P.





    Neverwinter will make you want to spend money on it's cash shop....so many things in that game taunt you to make real money purchases. It's also small and guides you with not alot of freedom to explore. Nice action style combat systems with active blocking for some classes.

    Path of Exile is a fun top down mmo and has good group play dynamics and a deep system. It's kind of like Diablo 2 but better in some ways.

    Rift is a more serious style open ended quest hub theme park that has good character customization and brought some new things to the table upon it's release. Good dungeons as well as group content for 2 or more. It's a big game and will gobble up quite a bit of time, but is worth it.

    ArcheAge is number 1 choice since you can pretty much do anything in it and can go in whatever directions you want to. I have watched several girl gamers playing it on twitch and they are all enjoying it except when they get PvP killed. Even then they are not but hurt about it and bounce right back into things. This game has years of choose your own adventure types of days in it where you can basically set a goal and go for it...both big and small. Beta is around the corner for it but not sure about release and it will be free to play on release.

    Honorable mentions.

    Anarchy Online.  A classic futuristic mmo with different factions and all sorts of character choices and fun.

    Star Trek Online. Have to enjoy some trek to get into this one.....but it can be fun.



  • A.BlacklochA.Blackloch Member UncommonPosts: 842

    Here's games we play:

    - Rift

    - Neverwinter

    - Path of Exile

    - DayZ SA

    - APB Reloaded

    - LOTRO


    Most are even F2P now, so the initial investment isn't much. Download, test, play - see if some of these work for you. :)

  • rockin_uforockin_ufo Member UncommonPosts: 378

    Thanks for all the replies.


    I'm just going to play some GW2 with her, my brother is inactive so I'll have a test run on his account. 

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  • sertioussertious Member Posts: 29

    I recently got my wife into Tera.  She is loving it so far.  Granted not her first MMO.  Neither one of us have gotten very far, but she seems to be picking it up pretty quick especially since she's used to tab targetters like WoW and Rift.  So might be an idea.  Other than that I would have to agree with others and say GW2 as an option.

    If you guys end up with Guild Wars 2 come to Tarnished coast myself, my wife and trying to get some of the other couples we know back into it.  Used to have quite a large group of us that played.

  • BeelzebobbieBeelzebobbie Member UncommonPosts: 430
    GW2 works fine it's how I convised my girlfriend to start playing mmos.
  • ErgloadErgload Member UncommonPosts: 433
    Your gf might like Lusternia, its high-fantasy but has a good variety of unique races and classes. 
  • rockin_uforockin_ufo Member UncommonPosts: 378
    For those curious she's in love with GW2 and is buying her own account this week. Thanks again!!

    Whenever i step outside, somebody claims to see the light
    It seems to me that all of us have lost our patience.
    'cause everyone thinks they're right,
    And nobody thinks that there just might
    Be more than one road to our final destination--

  • CookeezCookeez Member Posts: 1

    Hi there guys!!!! I am one of the vips on a private server called SpeedRose Evo! We are a MMORPG that is currently in the midst of some awesome new changes. We are looking to build our playerbase and I just know your girlfriend will like the look of the game.  If you visit our main site at srose-online.com and register, then click download and download the client you will be good to go. It doesn't take long and you'll be in-game and on your way to tons of fun. We have many players from many different countries so, don't hesitate to come join us no matter where you're from!

    Some things about the server that might interest you or be helpful to you.....

    -We have a rebirth system which makes for building stronger characters.

    -Max Rebirth is 3 and Max Level is 250. -We have 4 1st job classes: Muse, Dealer, Soldier, and Hawker.

    -We have 2 2nd job classes depending on what 1st job you choose: Muse=Cleric or a Mage; -Dealer=Artisan or a Bourgois; Soldier=Knight or a Champion; and Hawker=Raider or a Scout.

    -We have active staff and vips who are knowledgeable and more than willing to help you as well as many players who are always ready to help.

    -We have a forum where there are guides to help you and your questions are sure to be answered.

    -We are a growing community and would love to see you here soon!

    I urge you and your girlfriend to come try us out for a week. I promise you won't want to leave. You will make new friends and you will be introduced to a whole new gaming experience.

    When you register on our site, put [VIP]Cookeez in the referral box and come find me in game!!!

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