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Categorization of front page posts/reviews/blogs/etc

SevalaSevala Member UncommonPosts: 220

Ok, I can't be the only person who has said, Hmmm...that sounds interesting, clicked on a review or some such post off the front page and started reading...only to hit a term like MOBA or RPG and get irked off I just wasted the load time and however much read time til I hit that term.


Since has started adding every game to its website, I think its about high time anything on the front page gets categorized in its title. For example:

[MOBA] bla bla generic game title bla review

[RPG] bla bla generic game title bla

[MMORPG] <insert ESO/Wildstar spam>


At least since its a genre mash up now you can save the community some time.

~I am Many~

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