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Come Play Our game now, read for all info in post

woodsidecf4woodsidecf4 Member Posts: 2

Welcome to my thread about Eternal Blaze Online, its in alpha, and had just came out. We want you to play, its a very fun game, with a lot of features like special global events, pvp, guilds, guild wars, many of challenging maps with hard npcs, lots of levels to gain, an advanced crafting and questing system. Many bosses, boss instances, and we are implementing more as we speak, so come play!  Come visit us at our site, www.skywardens.com or download the game at http://www.skywardens.com/downloads.php



  • HokieHokie Member UncommonPosts: 1,063

    You might want to be careful as this could be considered an unsolicited advertisment post and may get deleted.


    If you want to advertise your game you may want to contact MMORPG.com officially.

    "I understand that if I hear any more words come pouring out of your **** mouth, Ill have to eat every fucking chicken in this room."

  • DeathsmindDeathsmind Member UncommonPosts: 185
    If we know anything about MMORPG its that they dont swallow until you pay upfront.
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