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Perfect Sandbox MMORPG

SamuraiXIVSamuraiXIV Member Posts: 354

Whenever I try a sandbox mmorpg I disslike it right away mainly cause of controls, camera, combat, glitches/bugs, ect...

Here is how a sandbox would be successful and not just for my eyes:

  • Third person view with graphics like FFXIV ARR. Even though I play CoD(fps) I get confused being in first person the whole time.
  • Tera Online action combat. Tera fails in many ways to me but combat is very skill based and even though it's a 3rd person view it has a 1st person view kinda of combat where you have to aim and face your enemy.
  • No class system but gear and weapons should matter on choosing between magic and melee and ranged or mixing up. For example if you wanted to be a healer and wear plate you could but you would cast slower in plate versus robe.
  • Open world not set in rails or paths or corridors, a loading screen here and there cause of hardware possibilities and not causing lag or other preformance issues it's ok.
  • No quests with ! or ? or any symbol on top of NPC, I know most will say no quests at all as sandbox shouldn't have quests but I don't see quests as bad if they are not a chain for you to level but more like lore and role play cause we are talking about a mmoRPG.
  • Open world PvP but not full loot, if you die though there should be a penalty so you do try hard not to die unlike every mmorpg now days where you got nothing to lose and people die left and right like it's nothing wrong.
  • Lots of exploration and rare spawns kinda like Notorious Monsters in FFXI and aggro system also like FFXI meaning sound/sight/smell/truesight/trusound/magic aggro, and link aggro on certain mobs like wolves for example would call for pack if you start fighting one. Little things that make a game great pretty much.
  • Auction house like FFXI as well where you can't see the price and you place your bid that way other sellers don't put a lower price then you every few minutes and you never sell anything.
I could go on for ever but I'm not the kind of writer and English is my 3rd language not even my 2nd, I didn't say anything about crafting as I don't really craft or care about housing.

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My opinion

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