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Changelog v.

JogobogosJogobogos Member UncommonPosts: 172


– Rewritten character controller with the new concept to eliminate issues related to its construction. However, it requires further testing.

– Added basics of crafting system along with resources, workshops and receipts. All professions are available from the start but each one requires individual development. With higher craft level, higher the chances are to craft an item, thus better items may be hard to craft on early levels.

– Majority of equipment was removed from the vendors and was replaced by receipts.

– Implemented disappearing of gathered resources.

– Improved the game launcher, which will now download updates divided into packages. Continuing the download from the last downloaded package will allow people with connection limits to download the game comfortably.

– Optimized object loading system, which will reduce drops of FPS. (Outside the cities mostly)

– Expanded the map by 30% by adding seaside areas near Mereley.

– Added swimming.

– Added bears.

– Added town guards which will attack any hostile unit.

– Added guards protecting the flag camp.

– Attacking hostile players in your own safe zone is now allowed.

– Added decimal display of some statistics.

– Added a slight buff to health and stamina regeneration, depending on character statistics.

– Added Depth of Field in graphic options.

– Added Motion Blur.

– Added more options to grass display and changing trees to billboards.

– Improved weapon sounds system.

– Fixed issue which allowed to gather loot twice.

– Fixed incorrect counting of stamina usage during sprint.

– Fixed issue with transferring in-game currency during trade between players.

– Fixed issues with enemy respawn.

– Rebalanced equipment and mobs.

- Fixed reloging bug.

– Fixed many minor issues.

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