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The Daggerfall Foreign Legion [Heavy RP-PvP - NA - DC]

JonsusJonsus Member UncommonPosts: 175
To whomever it may concern,

War is spreading, and as is always the case when major conflicts arise, it is the general population of Tamriel that suffers the brunt of the ensuing chaos.

There is little doubt in my mind that the recent influx of refugees from Dominion and Pact territories to Covenant lands is indicative of the fact that the political and moral beliefs held by both factions' leadership are not espoused by the entirety of the populations languishing beneath their oppressive regimes.

We of the Daggerfall Covenant will not turn these souls away, nor will we deny them the ability to lend themselves to our cause should they see fit. Thus, I am authorizing the formation of a unit under the purview of our already existent military leadership, who's sole purpose will be to recruit, assemble, train, and mobilize any and all ex-patriots who desire nothing more than to lend themselves to seeing the Covenant's ideals realized here in Tamriel.

The leadership of this new force will fall to the Nord known as Durfang Varul, who I am appointing as its General, and I hereby give him full authorization to manage the internal affairs of the unit, including officer appointments and promotions. He will, of course, report directly to the Covenant High Command, and will coordinate with our military anytime his forces take to the field of battle.

With the ratification of this mandate, I call out to any and all dispossessed members of races native to the lands of our rivals who have left their homes behind them to seek out a just cause. Let it be known that from this point onwards, they will have a home in the Daggerfall Foreign Legion should they wish to fight for the Covenant.

- High King Emeric


The Daggerfall Foreign Legion is a military-themed roleplaying guild based in the Daggerfall Covenant faction of TESO's NA shard. The purpose behind the formation of this guild was to give a home to all those roleplayers with characters of races that hail from lands other than those of the Covenant, but still feel the urge to go to war on the Covenant's behalf.

We do, obviously accept members of Covenant races as well, and all classes, and skillset builds are welcome. However, overtly RPed werewolf and vampire characters will be denied entry for obvious reasons. (Never trust the cursed!)

It is important to note that while we are interested in participating in the PvP and PvE aspects of TESO, we are first and foremost a roleplaying guild, and as such, heavy emphasis is placed on maintaining and supporting an immersive atmosphere while in-game. Therefore, our all of our members are expected to remain In-Character at all times in public channels.

Ingame Recruitment Contacts:

- Durfang Varul (General)
- Silus Atrius Victus (Vanguard Captain)
- Lella Lombardi (Scout Captain)
- Ellowen (Priest Captain)
- Elorya Ashfield (Sorceror Captain)



  • JonsusJonsus Member UncommonPosts: 175

    Still here. Still strong. Still recruiting active RPers.

    Join the DFL today!

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