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Neverwinter Nights

AbimorAbimor Member UncommonPosts: 634

Hi guys I just started playing this game but have a few questions the that the wiki kinda answers but not really.

So first of all I made a paladin and he is lvl 4 the one thing that I dont like about him is he does not seem to have any attacks. I have the one feat that is power attack but that just increases the damage he does. So am I doing something wrong when all he does is like a basic attack? I want to unlock the whirlwind attack   what skills and stats do I have to unlock or posses to get it? Well any help would be great thanks.


  • furbansfurbans Member UncommonPosts: 968

    I would look into getting Kaedrin's PrC pack, http://www.nexusmods.com/neverwinter2/mods/200/?.  This guy has done a lot of stuff and there are additional feats to compliment a Charismatic Paladin.  Whirlwind is junk for a paladin and is really for a fighter due to the simple fact that it is very feat intensive.  Also Kaedrin added spells for the paladin that make him much more useful.  Kaedrin's PrC pack pretty much became a mandatory mod as all persitent worlds use his work and especially for paladins Kaedrin's PrC pack added a lot of flavor to the class.

    As far as builds, been a long time but I think I played a divine might paladin which essentially had power attack that opened up divine might if I recall right.

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