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Video games in your life outside of the game

CrusadesCrusades Member Posts: 480


I found this interesting article about how video games effect a persons thought process when they are away from the game. I have to say, I completely agree. I have experienced similar experiences to what is mentioned. Check it out and see what you think.

Do you think about them when your out and about?

I know I have been working on my backyard  a lot lately. When I'm out there, shoveling dirt, moving stone, weeding the garden, chopping wood, building a shed, I find myself talking about player housing or spouting out " ready to work"  ( Orc grunts WC2 ) as I farm/grind the jobs I get myself into.

This is wrong, but when I see an overly large male (obese) that's somewhat aggressive - I automatically think to myself, he would be a tank if we were fighting a boss right now. On the flip side overly aggressive, mean, and bossy women automatically get identified with various female villains I've encountered in movies and video games especially if they have dark makeup and hair. I've met in real life many Wicked Witches, Ursula's, and even fairy Godmothers from Shrek ( you know the perfectionist woman whom is probably hiding evil intentions - Martha Stewart)  

A new challenge can come my way at work and instead of looking at it like work, I think of it as a mystery or quest.

I might be stuck somewhere, I don't want to be there, so I start exploring the area as though I'm exploring for loot or secret passages, then when my wife is finally ready to go, I find that I'm in no hurry because I need to keep exploring.

I am usually shy in a crowd, I don't like the spotlight, I don't like to talk to a large group of people, but when I add in drama like the dramatic speeches one would find from the hero in a video game, when I immerse myself into that mental state that they hero must be in as he/she delivers this dramatic and inspiring speech, I can get right up and speak clearly, commanding, and inspirational to large groups of people just fine.

I have over dramatized the significance of a persons response when I have a question for them. I will ask a question and make it appear as though the last hope for mankind hinges upon their knowledge and answer to the question. Just this Thursday at work, I asked a co worker for some examples of what they were expecting and I told them that the entire lab I work in was counting on them to come through with this request even though the topic and dealing we were working with were very minor - I do this while keeping a very serious and straight face as though I really mean it, I act very sincere, even though inside I really could care less or I'm actually laughing inside as I read the expression on the other persons face and await their response. Sometimes it leads to some interesting discussions that I never even meant for.


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