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  • RuskenRusken Member Posts: 4
    Hey there Doomsaw, any chance on getting a teaser/update on Storm's 52 review? Will the sky darken again when she uses some of her skills?
  • KaienSPKaienSP Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for this AMA, Doomsaw.


    1 - I love Agent Venom. Any chance of seeing it as a separate character or an alternative costume for Venom (with new skills)?


    2 - Also, any plans to add spanish language? The game has a large spanish-speaking community.


    Thank you for all your hard work!!

  • SanchoLaManchaSanchoLaMancha Member Posts: 3
    Shared Legendary Quests?     
  • Narwhals_R_UsNarwhals_R_Us Member Posts: 1
    Any hope for an Xbox One version of the game at some point? I know several friends who would play there, but don't have a PC to run the game.
  • mike444mike444 Member Posts: 10
    When is the  Scarlet Witch review she was my starter hero and is the Wiccan costume coming out when she gets reviewed?
  • Vin31Vin31 Member Posts: 1

    Hi Doomsaw!

    I want to ask if there is a chance for Vision to be a playable character?Thanks!!!

  • KandarisKandaris Member Posts: 1

    Couple of questions:


    1) Can we expect more one shots this year, if so, are you able to advise which heroes will be involved?

    2) If the Silver Surfer is coming out in 2014 or likely 2015?

    3) Either way, will Galactus be added with perhaps a terminal where we go board Taa II?

    4) Are you able to advise the full list of characters we can expect in 2015?

    5) Who will be the next team-ups?

    6) Will there be any new legendary quests added, if so what and when?

    7) Is there any possibility there could be a method where a casual player could get an unique without playing countless hours?

    8) Any plans to raise the level cap?

    9) Any plans to be able to upgrade epic or cosmics to the character specific uniques?

    10) What can we expect from the MK VII cards?

    Ok, that's my 2 cents :) 


  • doriskdorisk Member Posts: 8

    Love spoilers give it ALL up!


    Are there anymore Oneshots coming in the future?


  • hit9hit9 Member Posts: 2
    Will you be adding more stash tabs to the game? 
  • KheldarnKheldarn Member Posts: 3

    Question 1) How close is this List Of Upcoming Level 52 Reviews to correct?

    • Wolverine: May
    • Jean Grey: June
    • Cyclops: July
    • Rocket Raccoon: End of July/Beginning of August, to coincide with the movie
    • Storm: August
    • Hulk: September
    • Thor: October
    • Thing: November
    • Cable: December
    • Deadpool: January 2015
    Question 2) Are there any plans to allow us to have multiple builds on a single character? For example, have a Ranged, Melee, and Hybrid build on Taskmaster?
    Question 3) Who comes first as a playable character: Magneto or Juggernaut?
    Question 4) War Machine in 2015?
  • strangemeatstrangemeat Member Posts: 5
    Can you hint at what the 1 year anniversary event is gonna be?
  • batbugzbatbugz Member Posts: 2
    As a non pc gamer would I ever be able to play this game on a playstation 4?
  • nfimisnfimis Member Posts: 2

    Doomsaw, Why are cosmic equipment pieces at times more decked out than Uniques, seeing as Uniques are way harder to come by?

    One more, with cosmic medallions why are the stats comparable to regular medallions w/ the only exception of All powers +2, seeing as how again the cosmic medallions are harder to come by as well? Why not, give them a platform above the typical medallions in ALL STAT AREAS.

  • osowavyosowavy Member Posts: 2

    Can I get your honest opinion of the wolverine 52 review ? Are you really happy with where Wolverine is at now ? As you know many people are extremely disappointed on his rework. What changes are you going to make to him ?


    Thank you . It would make my week if you could comment on this issue. 

  • MikeBMikeB Community ManagerAdministrator RarePosts: 6,298

    My one question:

    Playable Angel/Archangel in 2014/2015? :)

    EDIT: OK, I lied. One more:

    What can you share with us on 'endless dungeons' and the status of group Legendary quests?

    Michael "MikeB" Bitton
    Community Manager
    Twitter: @eMikeB

  • DamonVileDamonVile Member CommonPosts: 4,818
    I want to play as magnito and Dr Doom! WHEN!!! :)
  • vandynevandyne Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Any update on Wasp being a playable character? Now she's confirmed as a team up, is that likely to move her up or down the schedule?
  • stephrrzstephrrz Member Posts: 3
    will wiccan every be playable, and not like just an enhanced costume for Wanda?
  • gorro187gorro187 Member UncommonPosts: 229

    Hello Doomsaw Thank you for taking the time out of your day to do this. My question/questions pertain to Alpha Flight.

    1. Is there any hope within the 2014-2015 year to either get a team up based on at least 1 member.Or...

    2.Get a playable member of Alpha Flight. (Wolverine has been on the team yes, However I don't consider him core to it). And lastly

    3. Is there still any plans for a Arcadia styled level perhaps for a 1 shot? (he traps your group of heroes inside a game of sorts and you could have to rescue them 1 by 1. As they are rescued you could call upon each hero you've saved to come in during a boss fight or aginst trash one time or something and do a special attack on your behalf.)


    Again than you for your time Mr.Doomsaw:)

  • dtms70dtms70 Member Posts: 2
    do you think more fortune cards will ever be added to the the vendor for cube shards ? thank you
  • KelpPlanktonKelpPlankton Member UncommonPosts: 11

    Agent Venom is my favorite Marvel hero these days.  He also seems like a good candidate for a 200 Splinter hero once Venom is released (considering he is basically Venom + Punisher).  Would Agent Venom be a simpler, 200 Splinter hero or is he more complicated to implement?

    Anything you can share about Mr. Fantastic?  Ricochet Punch?

    Also any Spider-Verse tie-in teasers?

  • dtms70dtms70 Member Posts: 2
    do you think costumes will ever be added to adam warlock for eternity splinters ? thank you
  • Pak-ManPak-Man Member CommonPosts: 2

    OK. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being totally impossible, and 10 being definite:


    What are the odds of seeing Slapstick join the ranks of Marvel Heroes? Or any of the New Warriors, but totally Slapstick?

  • nfimisnfimis Member Posts: 2

    Will you guys PLEASE RE-EVALUATE the dodge effect being half damage taken? That makes absolutely no sense in PVE, now in PVP i understand you dialing it down but not making it "half damage taken", that's NOT EVEN DODGING? 

    The meaning of the word and the concept are NOT one in the same and is retarded in a sense because you COMPLETELY eliminated dodging rather than just dialing it down and keeping the concept of it

  • comradeseancomradesean Member Posts: 4
    You've said that Marvel wouldn't approve Winter Soldier as playable just yet, and (as I understand it) Nova's delay is because of something on their end - are there other characters that you're not allowed to make for a while, or at all?
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