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Ask Me Anything Thread - Submit Questions Here

Doomsaw-GazillionDoomsaw-Gazillion Marvel HeroesMember Posts: 134

Hi all,

I'm excited to do an AMA for MMORPG and I intend to share as many spoilers as I can before the PR department turns off my internet access.

I will start answering questions at 7pm / 4pm Pacific, but please feel free to submit questions here ahead of time.

See you in one hour!





  • KittyAttackshipKittyAttackship Member Posts: 2

    Thanks Doomsaw for doing this!  Its been a great year.

    What was your favorite feature you added in this year, and what feature are you looking forward to the most?

    Also will Doomsaw ever stream?

  • xThuganomicsxxThuganomicsx Member Posts: 3


    Are we ever going to be getting a playable full hero Kitty Pryde or is she pretty much team up only?


    Love you, <3


  • SkaughttoSkaughtto Member Posts: 4

    Playable Mimic, when? He's the Taskmaster of mutants! His skill trees would be epic!   

    Street Clothes Daredevil/Matt Murdock, when? 2014? 2015?    

  • vgamervgamer Member Posts: 195
    I guess I'll ask the inevitable... So what do you guys have planned for the 1 year anniversary? Suprise doom? Big Eleven? Cows everywhere?? But really, you guys are awesome. I remember the game was pretty dull in the beginning but now it has become so much more.
  • levitt0levitt0 Member Posts: 2
    Are Loki's illusions supposed to brutal attack?
  • Vitao89Vitao89 Member Posts: 6
    Any ETA for Deadpool's rework? This game is amazing and it's getting even better. Thanks, Doomsaw!
  • epicpopcornepicpopcorn Member Posts: 2
    Hey Doomsaw, could you hint at X-men week? I know it's really close, but I'm still anxious and I WANNA KNOW! XD
  • GatheredMystGatheredMyst Member UncommonPosts: 10

    Look forward to the AMA!  I recently installed Marvel Heroes, and i'm having a great time thus far.

    You guys have talked about releasing Venom into the roster of playable characters.  Is this true?  And if so, when can we expect to play him?  What can you tell us about him in your game if you do plan to release him? :)

    He's my absolute favorite Marvel Supervillain!

  • PhoenixgeminiPhoenixgemini Member Posts: 8

    I would like to know  when we can expect some lgbt characters such as Wiccan (my first choice).

    I would like to know if there are current plans to fix the bad stringy wild hairstyles on the females. 

    My last question is where're the high heel boots for the ladies?

  • verdantrexverdantrex Member UncommonPosts: 99

    Doomsaw !

    Frog-Man, Howard the Duck, Spider-Kid, Lockjaw, and Lockheed - by 2016, which one is most likely to be a) playable; b) Team Up; and c) which one is least likely to ever be either?

  • njfernsnjferns Member Posts: 5

    Hey Doomsaw! Firstly HEARTY CONGRATS to all you hardworking guys at Gaz for completing a successful first year of Marvel Heroes! CAN'T WAIT to see what you'll have in store for us for the celebrations! :D

    Onto my question: With X-Men DOFP being released, don't you think it's about time that Mystique shows up at least in a villain capacity in the game? If she's coming, any spoilers on her ETA in the game?

    Also is there even the slightest chance of her being a playable hero (PLEASE say yes, & mean it of course lol). She played the good guy (or tried to at least :P ) in this great solo series! It would be SUPER-AWESOME to be able to play as her & I'm sure all the other Mystique fans will agree...

  • Tzeentch_7Tzeentch_7 Member UncommonPosts: 9

    Tzeentch here and i have many questions!


    When will Cable get his review?


    Can i be tapped to help out and white list test his review?


    Any news on Cables Marvel NOW costume? I know there was new tech needed to implement it.


    Would that tech effect any other costumes?


    Will we ever get Hope Summers?


    How is the tech for Reed and Venom looking? Is it as exciting as it sounds?


    Carnage enhanced costume for Venom? Oh god please say yes!


    Will we ever get Nick fury as the summoner you said you wanted to to? Nickromancer PLEASE!!!


    When you guys start touching up PvP, will you add in features so non-PvP people can enjoy it too? Example - Alterac Valley from WoW, when it was first put in the game.


    Will Magneto get his giant bubble as a skill when he is implemented?


    Will you ever have Brevik and Ryolnir and the rest of the devs with in-game namesakes do some voice over work FOR those namesakes?


    How many raids are planned?


    Is Apocolypse planned at all? For the Apoc movie perhaps?


    Can we get tons more VO work? I love hearing the things heroes say!


    Why didn't you guys want a cake for the one year anniversary?!?!


    Any news on the Zoo area? Will it be a end-game zone? Is it still a low level area? Can it be a one-shot?


    Any news on new MM skins? I think most of us are dead tired of the same old streets...


    Can you guys change Electro to be more like the one from the new Spidey movie? That Electro was holy crap amazing!


    Any spoilers for what is planned for the 1-year anniversary?


    What will the secret hero you will be adding in be?


    What will the sales be for the anniversary?

  • XionmercuryXionmercury Member UncommonPosts: 5

    What is going on with Nova? I know there is an issue preventing his release currently, but is there anything you could tell us about the situation? Can you at least confirm whether we will see Richard Rider as a skin or something? Just a little more insight would be appreciated.


    Have you guys seriously discussed Vision as a playable for 2015? He's in the Avengers sequel and I think that would be the perfect time to put him in Marvel Heroes. Not to mention he actually has a more interesting power set than most of the heroes already in the game or that you could possibly add.


    Do you have a more specific ETA on when we will see the Bronx Zoo level? Everyone has been anticipating that for a long time now and more content is always really welcome.


    Is there any chance you guys will speed up the level 52 reworks a little bit? I only ask because originally you guys were doing 2 at a time and that has slipped to just one and some of the older heroes need love badly. Even ones like Deadpool and Cable who are still powerful, successful characters feel very boring and lack diversity. Others, like Thing, just got the short end of the stick in almost every area. I love the work you guys have been doing on these reviews, I'd just like to see more improvements to launch heroes.

    Thanks a lot for doing this AMA. The fans appreciate these interactions and transparency.


  • gaeanprayergaeanprayer Member UncommonPosts: 2,341

    Can we ask more than one question?

    Why are the villains from the advanced pack getting pushed back?

    Is advanced pack still on track for gradual release over the coming months, or will we see different heroes not in the pack launched in their stead?

    How do you keep from getting sucked into the metagame when you're playing at home, since as a developer you're privy to all the secrets and internal workings of the game?

    Iceman, Magik, Rogue, Silver Surfer for 2015...confirm?

    Lots of forum posts about the recent 'infinite respec' event and how much people really enjoyed getting to explore their characters, asking to have this be a permanent feature. Thoughts?

    What's the upcoming X-men event?

    Are you planning on doing events every week or two from now on, or have you just been loving us especially hard lately?

    Angel/Archangel, if/how/when?

    Is Brevik as adorable in person as he seems in interviews/when his wife is forcing him to stream with promises of brandy?

    Next major villain after Surtur?

    Skrull tease at C2E2, spill!

    Achievements and Omega System launching at the same time?

    Will Omega System be mainly stat boosts or will there be some active skills and items in there, too?

    Now that it's been a little while, what are your thoughts on Team-ups? They have been somewhat controversial, are the team looking at iterating on them or do you feel they are in a good place?

    A lot of hints recently dropped about American Dream enhanced costume and She-Hulk as playable, not just a team-up. Confirm, deny?

    Next surprise hero, don't tell us who, but tease us into oblivion, please and thanks.

    Any details on the future Stark Tech system can you offer?

    Why is your girlfriend so gorgeous? 

    Is Gazillion still hiring?

    When asked about set items, you said it was a possibility but that it wasn't as cool as some other things you guys were working on. Care to elaborate?

    Plans have been suggested about getting re-reviews going and putting the game into the hands of people who haven't played since beta, now that is has changed so much. What are those, and how can we help?

    Any plans for additional Power Point/Health/Spirit rewards?

    Are they tied to achievements?

    Or will achievement rewards just be titles/cosmetic stuffs?

    Dual specs...what's going on with that?


    Kay I'm done. Ish. For now.

    "Forums aren't for intelligent discussion; they're for blow-hards with unwavering opinions."

  • exodus_attackexodus_attack Member Posts: 4


    Do you guys have any plans to add another slot of gear like rings such as bracelets or necklaces?

  • sublimetxtxsublimetxtx Member Posts: 1

    Thank you for doing this Doomsaw!

    My question is about Stark Tech.  How is it going and have you guys figured out which system you plan on using or is it still up in the air?  Could you give us some new info and time line for it please?

    And Congrats on getting married in June!  I get married on the 28th of June and you are invited!

  • mike444mike444 Member Posts: 10

    Any info on these heroes being playable or team up Songbird, Jubilee, Dazzler, and Magma.

  • IlayaIlaya Member UncommonPosts: 481

    Hey Doomsaw, thx for your Time !


    1.) With the new S.T.A.R.K-TECH System, do we have to lvl up another/new Crafter ?

    Or is that working in a different Way? If so, could you roughly explain how ?


    2.) What is the Character you are looking most forward to this Year ?

  • stephrrzstephrrz Member Posts: 3

    Hey Doomsaw, thanks for doing this AMA 

    was wondering is there any info on rogue? any idea when she would be released. 2014-15? 

  • SanchoLaManchaSanchoLaMancha Member Posts: 3

    Are we going to see set-items at a point ? :D   


    and     .... NOVA!

  • ThiessThiess Member Posts: 3
    Can we have Fantomex?
  • UniqloUniqlo Member CommonPosts: 3

    Hi Doomsaw ! Congratulations on your wedding in advance :)

    Doy you have any plan that is Jpanese localization at least text and UI ?

    and Is there any Japanese hero to be released, when the movie "Big Hero 6" will be released ?

  • Vitao89Vitao89 Member Posts: 6
    What are your expectations for new content coming up such as raids, chapter 9, bronx zoo? Thanks
  • RaagnarzRaagnarz Member UncommonPosts: 283


    My question would be this:

    There seems to be so much incentive to play alts and continue collecting characters and playing alts, almost a disincentive to have a "main" like in other arpg's. Will there ever be a reason or incentive to continue to develop one character? Many players love playing tons of builds and characters. But there are others, myself included, that really love to continue to develop and hone a single character. That want near needless progression for their favorite. Given that you are free to play, and your business model seems to revolve around constantly churning out heroes to make money, is that the reason that character depth and development is shallow at the moment? As in order to make money you don't want players to play one character for too long? Or will the Omega system address single character development and progression and if so how, and how endless will it be for a single character?

    Thanks in advance.

  • ChatmanJayChatmanJay Member Posts: 4
    As someone who enjoys playing multiple heroes but doesn't enjoy playing through the story 3 times with every hero. I need to know if you'll link the quest rewards for each hero, like power points, will be linked to the new achievement system. Thanks for all the work on the game, Love you guys!
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