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removal of accounts

why do game developers etc make it so difficult to remove an account, i play world of tanks and in a way i wish i had never signed up with them, it is the most onesided game i have ever played, i always end up in the green team where we have a 93% chance of loseing, so i want to have my accounts removed. no they will not let you and even if i could remove you can bet that the information would still be held on the servers. the internet itself has to be the most uncrontrolled area ever. it`s a question of ( you will do as we say and lump it ) just going to wait for all those saying you don`t have to be there, then that would be a pointless option and and we would need no internet.


  • IcovaIcova Member UncommonPosts: 33
    Another reason it's called "the web"

    I endeavor to understand the thinking of those who have shaped our world, yet I lack the ability to insert my head, that far, up my ass.

  • AkuzimoAkuzimo Member Posts: 20
    Why do you want your piece removed? Just stop playing the game. That'll learn em
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