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Odyssey Reborn!!!!!

pamboypamboy Member Posts: 4

Hey all, If you guys are looking for a great Classic 2D game, you should check out Odyssey Reborn. I've been playing a lot lately and it is really fun! You can download it athttp://www.odysseyreborn.com. The game has a skilling system (mining, woodcutting, and fishing), Item crafting, tons of quests and best of all is the PvP! There is Guild vs. Guild, and you can also duel your friends 1v1. :) 

         Here is the official game description: Odyssey Reborn is a free 2d top-view online RPG that is set within a medieval setting with SNES like graphics. There are several player classes available, Knight, Mage, Crusader, Necromancer, Rogue, and Cleric. The main playerbase focuses on PVP but the game is also very well setup for PvE action. Odyssey is a fairly basic hack and slash ORPG (Online Role Playing Game). It is designed to run on lower end computers, some as slow as 66mhz. Instead of focusing highly on visual, and aural elements, Odyssey tends to focus on gameplay value, and replayability. "The Odyssey Engine" is the sole inspiration for many other games such as the original "Mirage Online", which ultimately transformed the ease of Online RPG creation with the Playerworlds program. The Odyssey was started in the mid-90s and is widely said to be the first successful VB6 MORPG. Come check it out! The more the merrier!

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