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Favorite MMO Bladed Weapon

3-4thElf3-4thElf Member Posts: 489

Because of it's look, glow, stats, how hard it was to get.. Whatever. Also one of my favorite parts of video games and MMOs is that any sort of weapon imaginable can be used in a friendly safe manner, but let's keep it to edged weapons for now please.

What's been your favorite blade from a MMORPG?

For me personally it was the pre-nerf Blood Point in classic EverQuest.

It wasn't much to look at. I'm not even sure how I got two of them on my half-elf rogue, but I do know I made Pallys and Warriors work that aggro before there were helpful little meters. Even sorta tanked with them in odd mix groups because if you backstabbed a gnoll trying to eat the healer and that siphon proc'd.. Kept one around even when raiding just in case I needed to be aggro-bait for the group. Ahh it was exciting to be a rake of the land. 

a yo ho ho

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