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Realm of Sierra

OptimaOptima Member UncommonPosts: 26

Realm of Sierra is a 2D RPG game originated from The Odyssey Online Classic. 

About The Odyssey Online Classic

Since the beginning of it's existence around mid to late 90's Odyssey has brought a lot of meaning and built a strong community. Credits go to Bugaboo the original maker of the game. As the end nears of Bugaboo's time with Odyssey, the code of the game was passed to Velius (I believe that's how you spelled his name.) Shortly after, the code was leaked by Velius and began a new era built by Smithy. Smithy turned the game around adding improvements to the game's graphics and functions. About 2 years, Smithy maintained a great Odyssey experience for the new and old players. A sudden end to Smithy's era with Odyssey due to personal reasons brought Odyssey at a sudden halt for a month until Steverino created his version of Odyssey and as did, Battlebob (aka Remote / Mote). A year and a half, Steverino's version came at a halt due to insufficient player support and servers (created by players). Remote's era continued and grew stronger for few years until Remote becomes more busier and has less time to commit to Odyssey. Now, Odyssey is at it's standstill as few fans try to resurrect the game. Some believed the game has reached it's last era and some believed it can still move forward. I am one whom believe the game can still move forward. Yes, the game's graphics may be outdated compared to today's games but, it's worth it.

There is a lot to be done but, I know that Realm of Sierra will help resurrect Odyssey again. I hope to bring in new faces and bring back the old.


Enter the Realm of Sierra below.






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