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[NA PVP DC] Mostly Harmless

ThornrageThornrage Member UncommonPosts: 659

Mostly Harmless

Mostly Harmless is a competitive guild actively recruiting players for the Daggerfall Covenant!

Our members are long time gamers with a great deal of history in MMOs. We are looking for individuals who possess the experience and initiative to dominate Cyrodiil with us. Our primary focus will be PvP, however our members are exploring all aspects of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Mostly Harmless is regularly hosting events in preparation for the ESO release. Anyone is welcome to register as a Guest on our website which will give you access to our news and announcements forums, events, and our TeamSpeak server. Check out the calendar for upcoming Game Nights. Watch them on Twitch and Youtube!

Why try Mostly Harmless?

- Game Nights!

- Competitive (see below for member profiles and achievements)
- Excited, involved players
- Multi-gaming community
- Streamers, videographers, guide writers
- Mature & team oriented
- Sponsored by Mr.Beer & 3up Golf!
- Active voice comms and forums
- fun!

Interested? CLICK to register as our Guest. See the comments below to meet our members.

Sponsored By:

3 Up Golf


Mr Beer


Note: I am not the guild leader.

"I don't give a sh*t what other people say. I play what I like and I'll pay to do it too!" - SerialMMOist

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