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Searching for game.

I am hoping someone can help me find a game I was playing. I do not remember the name :(

You start off on a mountain and your character is 16 years old, after speaking to a few people, you are allowed to go down the mountain. After several quest, you need to find an potion to save your friends life, this takes you on several more quest. You meet a woman that gives you a pet.You receive a pet around lv 5 and after speaking to a couple of the pets, the quest gives you a puppy, later the puppy turns into a silverfox. Later in the game you must talk with a exiled queen, she sends  you to speak with August. That name sounds familiar to you. August sends you to speak to someone and after a couple of quest that person gives you a memory pill to take. You then remember who August is and you take a memory pill to him and he remembers you , after another quest, August dies.

I stopped playing at lv 19 and I now can not find the game. If this sounds familiar to anyone, I would really appreciate some help finding the game. It was fun to play. 

It was a role playing auto questing game.


Thanks :)

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