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6 Years ago an injustice was launched



  • MeridiasBeaconMeridiasBeacon Member Posts: 86
    After Tortage, I had a blast doing the Cimmeria quests. The dungeons were epic. I am wondering if the RP group is still there for some RP. Fun times. I didn't like the expansion though.
  • ThornrageThornrage Member UncommonPosts: 659
    One of my most favorite MMOs ever. Still the best combat system.

    "I don't give a sh*t what other people say. I play what I like and I'll pay to do it too!" - SerialMMOist

  • ArglebargleArglebargle Member EpicPosts: 3,315

    Dashed expectations can sure color your experiance!


    I picked up a deluxe edition for $3 a couple of years after the release, knew that the Tortage experiance was different from the rest of the game, and played happily.   Had a pretty fun time with it, and that was without any of the pvp stuff.   Thought the post Tortage game was just fine.   


    At least you can still play the game.  I save my bile for NCSoft.

    If you are holding out for the perfect game, the only game you play will be the waiting one.

  • DrunkWolfDrunkWolf Member RarePosts: 1,701

    I loved AoC, started and made a huge pvp guild and had alot of fun chopping peoples heads off.

    Just got boring at max level with nothing to do. the sieges were broken and pointless the raiding got old fast, it seems like all the cool stuff they added to the pvp later would of been all great things to have in the game at launch. probably would of kept the game strong for alot longer.


    anyways i stick by my thoughts of todays games, if you are going to make it that easy to level up you better have a crap load of content for max level players or they quit. simple as that.

  • DistopiaDistopia Member EpicPosts: 21,183

    You don't say?

    I liked it..

    For every minute you are angry , you lose 60 seconds of happiness."-Emerson

  • RobsolfRobsolf Member RarePosts: 4,607
    Originally posted by DaSpack
    Originally posted by Robsolf

    this... kinda seems irrelevant.  There's not much that AoC did that other games have adopted, and it barely exists, itself, as I suspect it's living on lack of development in order to continue... I won't go into the black hole that is guessing how many people still play.  That's apparent.

    That said, the Tortage experience was unique at the time, so thanks, Funcom, for fooling me for a bit, into thinking you put that much effort into the rest of the game.

    God how much ignoranse


    Biggest PvP update ever, right at your feet. Get in there ASAP. Soaring with peaople now!!!

    Biggest PvP update ever(in AoC), right at your feet. Get in there ASAP. Soaring with peaople now!!!

    Fixed that for you.  Now let the "ignoranse" of the "peaople" melt away as they enjoy this update, a mere 8 months in the making, which has completely transformed the game for about 20% of its players.  30%, if they finally got their patcher to work right.

  • NineFuriesNineFuries Member Posts: 33

    I would check the game out again as I'm a huge pvp fan and AoC had me hooked for a long time.  Some great memories there.  But my old account apparently got stolen and funcom doesnt even have the decency to respond to me about it.  

    Doubt I want to slog through another grind when Ive seen so much of the content and then deal with gearing up and grinding even more for AA points.  I would also have to buy the expansion again which just irks me.


    I also dont understand people complaining about the game after tortage.  Just because the quest givers werent voiced you guys are all butthurt about your post tortage experience?  AoC has some of the most beautifully detailed zones I'd ever seen and the colors were much more vibrant than say ESO where something about the texture palette is kind of drab.  Also the pvp was second to none along with fatalities and the motion capture is the best of any mmo period.  This game also got me huge into REH's conan world and he was a great writer.  


    So yes I have alot of nostalgia for this game and probably was the first mmo I truly felt like I was a part of.  That being the same vein as the OP  Funcom fucking SUCKS as a company!!  I remember seeing the game director blame forum posters for their rudeness as to why they werent pushing out more content at the time.  Seriously it doesnt get any more low class then that.  

  • MarkAnd81MarkAnd81 Member Posts: 19
    Originally posted by jdnewell

    6 years later and you are still on the funcom hate train?

    Time to hop off, I am sure something else in 6 years time is more worthy of your hate and time.

    Exactly! AoC and TSW are both phenomenal games. My only issue is that they are more single player than MMO, and can be "beaten". I feel that I am done with both until more DLC is released.


    Just came back to TSW to check out the new update and love it again. Of course I will be done with it and back to TESO in a few days, but them's the ropes.

  • observerobserver Member RarePosts: 3,685
    Originally posted by jdnewell

    6 years later and you are still on the funcom hate train?

    Time to hop off, I am sure something else in 6 years time is more worthy of your hate and time.

    People are still hating on SWG.  lol.

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