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Dark Elf Sorcerer (Aggressive Tank)

This is my build for tanking as a Sorcerer. You're aggressive but still have some defensive means to take damage and you do a lot of AoE while still having a few options to single target damage. You can pretty much hold aggro without one-hand if you do enough damage. The healer will have to time his heal good and not overuse his healing.


To explain more on how it works. 

- Start using your bow skills to slow them, Put up Scorched Earth, Bombard and Lightning Flood.

- When you get closer use Shattering Prison. Swap to Dual Wield. Use Thundering Presence, Blood Craze, Velocious Curse and keep the AoE active. 

- When needed, use either Atronach or Absorbation Field.

- Use Immovable when you take too much damage and healer can't keep up.


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