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EQ2 AMA summary 04/28

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

Q: "1) When are you going to fix the match making system? Its been broken too long (Other pvp fixes are going in which is why i'm asking) 2) Dungeon finder? Myth bust this one for us, will we have an updated version soon (tm) ? 3) How long before you eventually implement a full blown SC shop, stat items and the lot for all servers (if you are eventually going to, rip the plaster off in one stroke and get it over with. 4) Will there ever be a new race? Freeblood are too sparkly. 5) When's the next expansion (have i missed information on that?)"

A: "1) We are working on it right now. One of our Sr. Programmers is tasked on it full time. Once we get the code fixed, then we'll start working on (2) Dungeon Finder and improving its features so it's more useful. The original design doc is under review right now. 3) OMG! Yuck! We aren't considering it now. Our team isn't fond of the "pay to win" idea. Conveniences, yes. 4) I'M NOT TELLING. (Anything is possible? Heh.) 5. We're almost ready to talk about it. You haven't missed anything yet."


Q: "Hello, can you give an update on the improved Dungeon Finder / Group Builder? Including when it might make its way to the live servers?"

A: "As I mentioned above, we have Dave Kish working on the matchmaking code now. The first task was to create an environment to adequately test and evaluate the issues that are reported on Live and we have tracked a lot down. We will let the community know anytime we have something to report, like when we'd help to test new code on Beta, etc. This is one of our highest priorities."


Q: "During the last few years of EQ2 you've been implementing new mechanics while removing the old ones. You revamped the stats system, changed the game flow. We've really enjoyd the "old" stuff tho. I know that you've said before that it's nearly impossible to introduce progression/legacy servers for EQ2. But maybe there is a way to do something interesting like that? Like an event where players could try old mechanics and stuff? Or all of it will remain just dreams?"

A: "This idea comes up in our team meetings every few months as far as launching a special rules server. I'll be honest. We don't have an original version of the game we can release given all the updates over 10 years, so that's never going to happen. That said, a special rules server of some kind could happen, but we want to focus on the servers we have right now as far as fixing matchmaker, building new content, etc. New servers are a LOT of work."



i like EQ2 but the DF revamp was announced at SOE live 9 months ago

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