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E3 Video of this Pathetic Game



  • ElapsedElapsed Member UncommonPosts: 2,329

    I guess I don't know enough about Lord of the Rings to get mad about how Turbine is interpreting it. I could careless how true to the story the game is as long as it's fun. Basing my opinions soley on what I think an MMORPG is, I like the game concepts so far. The only thing looking at the videos that bothers me is combat speed, which looks slow. I'm sorry though it doesn't live up to the true fans expectations but honestly you have to know it never will or could.

  • GrindalyxGrindalyx Member UncommonPosts: 657

    True there will always be that little something that they leave out just like they do in the movies. Turbine is really under the spot light on this one cause this is a well established title that has been around and read by millions for 50 years. Only the bible has been read more times than this series of books. So the chances of turbine being able to actually please everyone who has ever read the book is virtually impossible. But they are trying very hard to do so.

    As for the slow combat. This game is still a year from release so they have plenty of time to tinker with and explore how to make the combat what they want. I see great things for this game in the future.


  • j-monsterj-monster Member Posts: 1,060

    Originally posted by firemagic

    Originally posted by j-monster

    Originally posted by firemagic

    Originally posted by j-monsterk.Do a better job.

    Are you serious? In order to criticize something, that person needs to improve on the thing they're criticizing or their opinion is invalid?
    If you read into this game AT ALL. Which i highly doubt you have, you would realize Turbine is putting forth a Herculean effort in order to make this as true to the books as possible. So if our going to bitch about the stuff their doing.. do a better job.
    People don't have to "do a better job" in order to have an opinion on something. I thought I explained this clearly enough the first time.
    Have you ever seen a movie that sucked? Have you ever made a movie?
    Yes I have and yes I have. Whats your point.
    OK.... If you've ever thought a movie sucked, then you are entitled to your opinion. Even if you hadn't seen the movie and based your opinion on what you'd heard about it, you are still entitled to your opinion. No reasonable person would expect you to have to make a better movie just to validate your opinion. Similarly, asking people who don't work for gaming companies to make a better computer game just to validate their opinion is unreasonable and absurd.
    On topic, yeah I'm sure LOTR online will be the next lowest-common-denominator trashy smash hit. Yay consumerism!
    Doubtful seeing as the player base is already quite large.
    You misunderstand. I said I expect the game to be a success, not a failure.
    Im more or less sure you said this to be a obnoxious
    Wrong. But if that's what you need to tell yourself in order to dismiss my opinion, whatever works for you.
    Alcarion's post was clear and concisely written. Although he seemed pretty pissed, he pointed out what he perceives as flaws in the production of LOTR online based on the video he saw, and you reply "Do a better job". I think you could have countered him more intelligently and constructively, and I sincerely mean that as a compliment.

    Alcarions post well thought out?


    Well thats debatable, seemed more of a rant to blow off steam.

    But fine ill adress each his issuses and explain to him why I think hes mistaken.


    Why do you think they mauled the story? The E3 video was about 5 minutes long and featured nothing( or almost nothing) but some combat and a tad bit of story detail. Honestly you cant expect it to be IDENTICAL to the books. Im a huge Tolkien fan and i know as much as anyone about the books and the story behind them, and because of that i know that they cant keep it exactly in tune with the story. Such is the fate of everyspin off of everything game movie or book out there.


    Im afraid i cant answer much more seeing as the rest is just his personal opinoin so ill just leave it with

    ''I disagree with you greatly.''


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