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this one didn't make it?

CopperfieldCopperfield Member UncommonPosts: 594

feel sorry for the players that backed this game up..


I am not sure what the status is of this game... but last time i heard they made a big mistake with their kickstarter money orso something about the engine?


Besides that the website is down for month's now.. and half of the team left...


Does anyone have some inside info?




  • CopperfieldCopperfield Member UncommonPosts: 594

    none has info?


    highly unlikely.. :P

  • MeridiasBeaconMeridiasBeacon Member Posts: 86
    why this game is listed? there is no game at all
  • DaveBelcherDaveBelcher Member Posts: 40

    As far as I am aware, Rob is still working on compiling everything and fleshing it out to pitch to potential dev partners. He has, however, had delays due to personal circumstances (he had to undertake some pretty major surgery).

    I'm sure he will emerge from the shadows eventually, and most likely communicate through his FB page until the new website he has a guy working on arrives.

    That's all I know I'm afraid.

  • CopperfieldCopperfield Member UncommonPosts: 594

    this game should be removed from mmorpg..



  • cerulean2012cerulean2012 Member UncommonPosts: 492
    You talking about ESO?  Oh sorry your not.  I am sorry for those who backed it but these things happen and yes it should be removed.
  • phreniccowphreniccow Member Posts: 1
    0 updates, please remove~
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