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B-day Bash on Runescape

HelleriHelleri Member UncommonPosts: 930

Okay....So, it's only semi MMORPG related. But, today I turned 32 and like I have in past years (more or less thereabouts of my birthday. And, this year on it) I had a little party on my MMORPG of choice Runescape. I bought myself a few presents (sky pouncer pet, and a couple emotes)...But, I also bought this thing called a party box. Which is a really fun feature that I am going to talk about in a bit here (kind of a forced pretense, but cut me some slack it's my b-day, lol) :



So, in the tradition of a good Runescape party there were drops of course. I dropped god swords, maybe about 10mil total broken up over the hour the party lasted and quite a few other things. It even devolved into an all out drop party -probably at least 70mil hit the ground- (this is world-2 at the grand exchange, which is about on of the busiest locations in the game with a lot of high levels that loiter there. So, when you drop a few good things yourself. It's often contagious)...


But, the real star of the party was this little box i picked up with some spare loyalty points (loyalty points being rewards for consecutive months of membership). It didn't matter that 30-40 of the 200 or so present got significantly wealthier....People wanted more cake.


So, what's with this box? Well to the owner it dispenses 3 items. Those being, cake, a music box, and a cake hat. The cake can be withdrawn as much as the owner of the box wants within the hour that the box remains usable. It can be 'served' to other players simply by setting it out. A player can come up and take a piece...And inexplicably greedy players tend to take several (often polishing off a cake by themselves.  It is not especially good food. But, it's fun.  The music box can be set out and when clicked on by any player their character starts dancing as override music plays. And the cake hat is worn by the party thrower. Players can offer congrats to a player when the hat is worn (which is something of an awkward bro-half-hug animation).


And, remaining in the box left out are party poppers, wine, party blowers, and sparklers, that players can continually extract and use. After an hour of use the box vanishes (consumed).


So, do you like fun features like this?

Have you obtained any in games you've played and how did you feel about the value?

What is your favorite version of something like this in another game?




  • IceAgeIceAge Member EpicPosts: 2,443

    Happy Birthday ! Wish you all the best in live. 

    Also nice to hear you are playing Runescape. 

    RS was my first MMO. Played it from beta till after few months since P2P was launched . 

    Best ever sandbox MMO out there. 


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  • HelleriHelleri Member UncommonPosts: 930

    thanks...btw, you can't really see it in the pictures well. But, I am wearing a cape you might want if you remember your old account info. 10-year vet cape. which as the name would suggest. If your account is 10 years or older you can pick up one for yourself (there only a couple 100k). Hans in Lumbridge  has them.


    Also. I wouldn't call runescape a sandbox exactly. While the world does change around character decision. It's perspective based. To some people, some towns have lumps of rock. To others (who have done the monthly content for this) those chunks of rock are god statues. Some players see edgeville as normal. Others see it raised to the ground. And, it's based on how far you have gotten in the quest lines. There are a lot of things like this. Where the player has made a mark on the world. but only as far as their character is concerned. I would say more correctly runescape is a non-linear/open world, themepark that does have some sandbox elements.


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