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Worst customer service ever

Billab0ng0Billab0ng0 Member Posts: 2

If you ever need help within the game, need customer service to find an old account (and you can't remember every account detail including character names) then this is not the game to play.  The only bugs they fix are exploit bugs, they have no problem nerfing features (the latest update was an excellent example of that) replacing a free feature with a pay feature, there's tons of irritating bugs (like dropping out of combat or entering or exiting an area and the direction the camera is facing is not the direction you go if you press forward) that have been around forever and will probably never be fixed.  They have quests that require you to buy items from their pay market, the items are no trade and the quest can only be done once.  Combine that with confusing quest text and you're likely to end up with no trade items you can't use that you had to buy in the first place to do quest.  The GMs won't transfer the items to a diff character either.

The game is definitely unique and interesting to play (at least until you get to the grind stage that all mmorpgs get to eventually) but NEXON makes it very clear that they don't care about their players.  They make no effort to make the gameplay smooth and easy and love giving you carpal tunnel through the bazillion clicks you have to do for quests and such.

You report bugs and you never get a response and they never get fixed.  Gameplay issues are so pervasive that the players have come to accept that as normal and when you comment on it they can't see what your issue is.

There are actually multiple versions of the game (Korean, european, japanese?, american) with the american version getting any updates last.


  • Billab0ng0Billab0ng0 Member Posts: 2

    Another excellent example of how they don't care about their users is that for approximately the last 6 months the client crashed randomly many times a day.  Every time it crashes when you're in combat you loose XP and gold UNLESS you have bought a 30-day item from their cash mall called a blessing license.  Nice feature to encourage item mall use.  Of course you don't always crash when in combat.  Sometimes you're just standing there doing nothing.  At least you don't loose xp or gold then.

    When you crash you also loose any dungeon you were in as well as loosing the effect of another license you have to buy in the item mall called an auto-battle license.  Completing dungeons is the major way that players make xp and gold.  The game only lets you do a limited number of dungeons per week.  Loosing one is the same as loosing the cash and xp you would have gotten from it.

  • HestiaHestia Member Posts: 119
    Welcome to Nexon.
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