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Ka-Tet: New startup guild- NA-PST/MST

KaoftheRoseKaoftheRose Member UncommonPosts: 73

Trying to get a new startup guild going in Wildstar.

Main membership will consist of adult gamers (age 20+ plz) with jobs and families, that still want to experience raiding and community in a relaxed, drama free environment.

Looking for experienced MMO players. no pedegree needed, just a desire to learn, play, and contribute to a friendly new community.

Focus will not be a rush to endgame, but to learn and experience the game. We want players to become proficient in their classes and have a solid understanding of game mechanics before raids are organized.

Will most likely raid Thurs/Fri in the evenings with the possibility of Saturday raids if membership has the time/is agreeable.

This will be an Exile guild. All races/classes currently open.

Please post in this thread if interested with your race/class choice and role.

Website will be going up as soon as interest is established. Server will be established once we have a consensus from membership.

What you will get from us: Laid back, friendly, welcoming group. No dictators. Endgame experience without having to be a slave to the game. We will progress as slowly or quickly as capable as a group.

We just want people that want to enjoy the game and contribute to a friendly community. If that is what you want, this will be a good place for you.


  • DeschainSDeschainS Member Posts: 2
    I am totally in....love the name and i am in no rush to end game.  I have a 30 SS on warbringer....what server are you hoping ot be on?
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