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Not and Bad BBmmorpg

farfanugonfarfanugon Member Posts: 419

I Put In 27 Hours On This Game Over The Last 5 Days , " 10 of That AFK Skill Training "

Im At Lvl 23 ATM In Very Shabby Armor , Ive Used All My InGame Money Drops To Buy "Relics" And Im PVE Immortal , I Can Enter The Cross Sever LVL 25 Legendary Difficulty And Take 0 Damage , All Players Can Ez And Free Acquire All The Relics They Need To Be PVE Gods . " FYI , The Gear Im Wearing Is Largely Still Lvl 10 Gear "

Tho Im A God Already For PVE " I Regen HP and MP Faster than i use it " Im A Flop For PVP At This Point , Beings All Players With 1/2 A Licks Worth Of Seance Are Also PVE Gods , And Ive Neglected To Hunt / Farm Better Armor And Gear .

This Game Has A Very Large Cash Shop , On A Scale Of 1-10 , 1 Being Nothing Of Use In Cash Shop And 10 Being No Way To Play With Out Cash Shop "AKA Pay To Win" Id Call This Game A Even 5 . Bag Space Seams The Only Thing For Sale In The Cash Shop That You Cant Get As A Drop In Game .

War Of Thrones To Me Seams More Mission Based Than Story Based , I May Be Wrong , But As Of Yet Ive Noticed No Story Line .

The Worst Function Of This Game Is World Chat , World Chat Is A Non-Stop Wall Of Text , So And So Just Got This Drop Over And Over , Ive Found No Way To Disable System Messages In World Chat . Guild Chat And Local Chat Are Just Fine.

I Have To Add , I Tried This Game Do To A Miss-Typed Google Search , And Decided To Play It Do To Its Sound Track , The Music Is Like The Old Music From Jade Dynasty . The Oriental Sitar Music Always Makes Me Feel So Comfortable And Relaxed . This Will Now Be My Go To Game For Those Insomniac Nights That I Just Cant Get To Sleep .

Over All On A 10 Star Scale " 1 Being Crap - 10 Being Awesome " Id Rate This Game A 8 Star , It Could Be Better, But It Could Also Be A Hell Of Alot Worse .

Thank You For Your Time

And Have A Nice Day.

Post Scriptom " This Is Just My 2 Cents " With The Economy As It Is , That Makes It Worth About 1/2 A Penny "


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